Remote wipe doesn't work as expected

I think it actually fits in the same topic. If i try to remote wipe a windows desktop client, the client log out before it delete the files. Maybe I have a missconfiguration somewhere, but it looks very strange to me this way. I think the wipe action should delete all files and after that it should dissconnect the client from the server…

I’m using the Desktop Client 3.9.0 for Windows and NC 27.0.1 on a Ubuntu Server…

I split you topic into different thread as it describes completely different behavior as the old thread: "Marked for remote wipe" not working - #9 by wwe

Please complete following tests:

  • perform fresh login into account and wait until all files completely arrived on the client
  • choose the session for remote wipe
  • review if the files are removed

collect server and client long together with times when full sync completed and when you choose remote wipe and when the client logged out.

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