Locale issue prevents login

When I try to log in, nextcloud reports:
Setting locale to en_US.UTF-8/fr_FR.UTF-8/es_ES.UTF-8/de_DE.UTF-8/ru_RU.UTF-8/pt_BR.UTF-8/it_IT.UTF-8/ja_JP.UTF-8/zh_CN.UTF-8 failed

  • Please install one of these locales on your system and restart your webserver.

I was using a NC16.0.1 on a MageIA6 which was correctly running. I have upgraded to MageIA7 and now my nextcloud reports this error.
My locales are installed AFAIK. I have the error message in French if I do not force the language to en (which I did to generate this ticket).

So far, I cannot say if the issue is a nextcloud or a system one, but I do not have any clue so far to diagnose, this is why I request for some help.

As I do not have access to the GUI, I cannot even try to update to 16.0.2 (not sure it is a good idea) or check anything there. I have seen that it is possible to skip the locale check in order to move on, but I do not know how to do it.

Thanks in advance

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I have just updated to 16.0.2 using CLI (my first try, flawlessly), the issue remains…

16.0.3 : issue still there

Same issue with NC14 and also with NC15 after upgrade to ubuntu 19.04 with php 7.2.19.

I reviewed carefully locales and they are fine.

As www-data user:

$ locale

Locales lang manually generated:

$ locale-gen en_US.UTF-8

Was a testing machine, so I load every locale to be sure and “locale -a” show the full list.

locale -a | grep en_US.utf8

Also try with dpkg-reconfigure locales, forcing php.ini with intl, setting nextcloud default/force_locale vars, etc. without any luck.

Locale set globally to “en_US.utf8” with same results:

$ localectl set-locale LANG=en_US.utf8

(Even editing “/etc/environment” manually)

Full packages purged and reinstalled and still the same:

$ sudo apt-get install --reinstall language-pack-en

After every change I made multiple apache reloads and reboots as well as full server’s and nothing changes.

Then I check the code and looks like the lock was generated by “isSetLocaleWorking()” function returning false:

I checked setlocale() php function with my own php script and was working fine.

So then I forced the function to return “true” and the message disappear and I could login and work without any trouble.

I know it’s far from be a real solution (we still don’t know why the function returns false and I’m worried about collateral effects in filenames, metadata and so on) but probably it will help developers to point us in the right direction.

Thanks a lot for your time,

PD: Just in case somebody else have trouble dealing with locales, here you have a nice resource (Debian flavour): https://www.rosehosting.com/blog/configure-system-locale-on-debian-9/

“Nuremberg University of Technology Georg Simon Ohm” 's patch works fine to me:

I confirm the same as Mark: I forced the return to true earlier today and nextcloud was back online. I also agree it is not a solution, neither an acceptable workaround as I do not know the side effects.

I tried to debug further, but I am not php dev so I failed.

I do not undrstood the second post: what did you do?

EDIT: I am using php 7.3.6

PHP 7.3.8 and NC 16.0.4: issue remains

Hi @HomeBoy38

I believe it must be some issue with the system configuration. I ran NC on Ubuntu 16 and 19, ArchLinux, Raspi and never came accross this issue.
Unfortunately, I have no idea what the root cause of this issue might be, but I don’t believe it is related to (different versions) of Nextcloud.

Okay, read a bit on the Internet and it seems to be an issue with packages and maybe debian buster.
Please read this:

If that doesn’t help you solve the problem, a workaround has been found here:

I hope at least this helps for now. Good luck.

This is a real pain… Also seeing it on a Fedora30 installation.

@dag: we have found under MageIA7 that the issue seems to occur after an upgrade, not after a fresh installation. Do you have the issue after a fresh Fedora installation?

Someone found that the issue seems to be php 7 related rather than nextcloud as he was able to generate a simple php code and the setlocale function did not translate the date.

I do not have any clue how to investigate and find what could be the root cause