LibreOffice Online... please!

This kind of an “online office” for Word and Excel (maybe Powerpoint too) files could be a kind of a “killer application”…
In my opinion besides a fully working Carddav/Caldav support shared online writing is the thing a better “Owncloud” needs most.

If i had some Christmas wishes open i would like to see nextcloud with an easy to install and working version of this Online-Office!


Yes, I’d really like to know if this is still on the cards, and if Nextcloud will be working with Collabora on this.

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personally i wouldnt mind if they use LibreOffice Online or another solution but i think the important thing is that NextCloud should support online document editing as a core feature.


in my opinion in the year 2016 online office should be a part of every cloud solution. It would push the usage of nextcloud if we provide such a feature.


If you want to compete against onedrive, google drive and so on, you definitely need this feature.


NextCloud - your office online under your control


Love to see an Office app, but I’m of the opinion this should be available as an optional extension (from the OC appstore)


I’d expect it would be, since it would require running Libreoffice on the server, which would not be an option for a lot of users.

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Definitely optional as this will either require users to launch a VM on their NC box or to be on a very specific platform. I think we’ll know more once the bundling issues are sorted.

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Exactly - in a time where all the big companies stealing your data wherever they can its more important then ever before to give the user the right to their data back…

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Indeed, I would never install libreoffice on my production webserver. It would be nice to have an option within the app store which asks for the libreoffice server IP.

I don’t know the details but is it possible to use this for nextcloud?

Maybe we can ask them whether they wanna create a nextcloud app for their application.

Offtopic: why would you never install libreoffice on your server? is it so dangerous?

@Ben In my opinion it’s a security thing, but a lot of people would say that’s bullshit :stuck_out_tongue: .

Don’t forget that Libreoffice support webdav and that you can already access/read/edit/save all your OC documents directly from Libreoffice by this URL : https://your.server.ip/owncloud/remote.php/webdav/documents/your-libreoffice.file

You just need to have Libreoffice already installed on your machine… (and not on your server)


@Akhenaton that is not collaborative editing.


Well, i didn’t say it was…

But you can always share a folder with shared documents that each one can edit. O.K. it’s not “stricto sensu” collaborative editing.
My remark was rather a “reminder” because i have myself many users that didn’t know Libreoffice webdav support.

@Akhenaton Thanks for the Info - Good to know !

At least a possibility to access the files!
regards, hitam4450

So we had a Documents app based on WebODF but it hasn’t been developed further for some time.

Then there’s also the joint effort with Collabora to bring LibreOffice Online to ownCloud, and hence this also works as an app for Nextcloud:

@jospoortvliet any other future plans? If so comment here too. :slight_smile:


We’ll work with them to offer good integration, of course :wink:

Until then, ownCloud Documents works well for basic documents and up to 10 users editing at once…