iOS App - Bad german translation (Help offered)

Hi everybody,

I’m just in the process of switching to Nextcloud and the iOS app does have some typos. And the help-section may also need some more entries. I would be glad to assist here.

@rakekniven I do, but just for the Android app since I only work on that one. :slight_smile:


from my POV you have multiple choices here:

  • Create transifex account, join team and make issues for fixing typos
  • Report them here and somebody will fix it

Which help section are you referring to? Inside app?

Understood. Problem for me is, that each app/dev has different workflow and using different primary tools.
We have transifex, github, that forum, private mails.

Well, I can’t speak for @ios but Android, the server and also the calendar just to name a few are all using transifex for translations and I think @ios is also using transifex --> since our bot is actively pushing new translations to the repository :smiley:

I unreviewed all strings. Feel free to re-review them.

@Matthias_Becker What is your username on transifex? Then I can increase your permissions so you could also review the texts.

@MorrisJobke Send you PM two days ago. Sent a ping some seconds ago using our forums.

Hello, yes translation is done at transifex and workflow works pretty well.

Problems for me and others are:

  • Some source strings need attention. Where to report? @ios is not reading issues at transifex. is also not used. Update: Link is dead: Use instead
  • Some source strings need explanation. Where to ask? Same issue as above.
  • Where to report bugs for ios app? Found a few things. I am not willing to send them by Email as requested. Personally I would like to use github for this.

Hope we can solve open questions and start working :slight_smile:

@ios Do not take this personally. No blaming, just looking for solutions.

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Thanks, I’ve created an account there. Correct, inside the app. But I was somehow blind and didn’t see that there are already a lot of explanations in the settings.

When i find a bit of time read the question q&a :cold_sweat:

Too many things … :disappointed_relieved:

The actual translation is not bad in my opinion. German people should be able to use it without any issue.
So we will wait until you find some time :no_mouth:

The translation is definitely not bad, just some minor things. So it’s nothing with a high priority. By the way, I want to thank you for the great app. Really stable and now I can use my own cloud instead of iThings.

Thanks @burningjoe !!

Hello, spent some hours to review strings and made some small changes. Personally I think the german translation is in really good shape now. Thanks to all who contributed!

@ios Found some typos in english version and would like to provide PRs for you. My knowledge of iOS development is low and I searched sources at github and struggled.

Example: Found string “plase” which should be “please”.
Github search:✓&q=plase&type=Code
Do I have to change via PR?

Happy new year!


ok @rakekniven, thanks.

@ios Have you seen my question regarding PR in my last post? Please advice how to supply i18n modifications. Thanks

Hi @rakekniven on github only for English language :

@ios I know only english is on github. For other projects like Qt based there is english at transifex as well and source strings (default language) are in source files and can be overwritten for any language.
I tried to phrase my questions clearly, but have no luck to get an answer :disappointed:

Just seen PR from @nickvergessen and that answers my question.

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Nooo excuse me @rakekniven !! :blush:

For german translation discussion see German translation - endless thread in german