iOS App - Bad german translation (Help offered)

Hello community,

I like the new iOS App but the german translation ist very bad.

I’m new in here so maybe my question is silly:
Is there a way one could help as a native german speaker to get to an good translation.

I would offer my help in the translation from english to german.

Best regards

Translations are done with transiflex here:

What I don’t know is, if ios APP is trasalated there as well or wether it rather is a 3rd party tool.


But if you can provide any strings of which you think needs polishing, please quote them here and I can check, if I can dig them up in transiflex :slight_smile:

Hello Kwie,

I’m not sure, but you should be able to help translating on

Not sure if the IOS app is included into this.


@John dammit, just before me :stuck_out_tongue:

cc @MorrisJobke for iOS inclusion on transifex :slight_smile:

We are working on setting up transifex together with the iOS guys :slight_smile:

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Looks like changes are going on.
Spent one hour yesterday to improve iOS app translation.
Today my work is not there anymore. Instead there are now multiple files starting with iOS.

@MorrisJobke Would be nice to have some more details and to know when to start again. Cheers.

I will look into them, but the problem there is that the english one needs to be changed in git, because that is pushed to transifex. I will look into it tomorrow and try to get all your work out of transifex (they version the translations). Thanks a lot for your help. :thumbsup:

@rakekniven What did you change? Because en -> en is not possible. Where have you added the improved english strings?

Best would be to do this directly on GitHub, because that is where this is coming from.

Hello :slight_smile:

I also want to help. So please inform, when everything is working again…


Hello, I spent work on the german translation.

@MorrisJobke Don’t spent time on it. I will go over it when translation is ready to work on it.

btw. while working on ownCloud iOS app I was told that apple does not support informal translations.
So only de_DE should be translated, or?

Are there any iOS devs around here?

Yesterday I spent some hours in translating the ios-intro text to german. Who is going to review them and when will the flow back into the app?

Hello, I can review your work.
Before doing that I am waiting for response from @MorrisJobke. Any updates to my last post?
Would be good to get a starting signal before spending time.


rakekniven ist right…

I had just a look on LIAMHDs work on ios-intro.

1st question would bee if we need 2 translations for ios too, because the translations have been made only in (de) but using the “Sie-Form” witch should be in (de_DE).

@MorrisJobke please have a look at it…


I can’t disable the language per resource. I guess it’s okay to stay with one translation for iOS. I guess I will pull the translations again and we need to look into how we could improve the english texts beforehand (sadly I don’t have an i-device to check the strings and it’s a hard back and forth with an iOS guy :()

Sorry for all of this trouble.


than I think we should use the de_DE und transfer LIAMHDs work to that…
…the most are looking good. I also don’t have a IOS-Device…

Please have a look that the translations witch are still in tx won’t be deleted…

I was not aware of the de and de_DE and the “Sie-Form”. So what’s the guideline here?

de ist for the “du-Form”, de_DE is for “förmlich Sie”

If, as I suppose for IOS and Andoid there will only be one translation, I think the de_DE should be used…

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But If I understand

correctly we cannot get rid of “de”. How can we inhibit that someone put’s effort into “de”?

A secure solution would be to fill all translationfields in the de-Version with for example “Übersetzungen bitte nicht hier sondern ausschließlich in (de_DE)”

I could try to disable the language. But it is possible that I need to split the resources somehow out.