Invitation to Nextcloud BBQ in Stuttgart today


We’re meeting in Stuttgart atm to discuss Nextcloud and get some work done (see this for example).

Of course not everybody lives near the center of the universe but if you’re in the area, we’d love to see you show up Wednesday at Egilolfstraße 31, Plieningen/Hohenheim near Stuttgart Airport. Nearest public transport would be either U3 Plieningen or S2/3 Flughafen/Messe.

We start at 18:00 :slight_smile:

We know it’s short notice but we’re still gonna get a good load of beverages and food in preparation :wink:
Let me know below if you’re coming!


I’ll be clinking a virtual beverage with you all from the outer rim (aka Canada), and catching the livestream… There will be a livestream, right?.. :wink:

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Hi guys – since I’m not even 5 km away from your BBQ location I’m pondering to drop by… Cheers, Kurt

yeah, livestream… that didn’t work out, our fancy satellite internet wasn’t very much satteliting and not internetting at all :smiley: