Integration with OneDrive

I’m sure this won’t be the first time this issue has been raised, but…
I’m looking to adopt Nextcloud for an organisation that I’m involved with. Queries that have so far been raised by colleagues include “How can I integrate Nextcloud with my current Office365/OneDrive workflow?”.
So far it seems that OneDrive can’t be used as external storage, which seems something of a strategic weakness if the goal is broader adoption of Nextcloud. Anyone aware of any plans to fill that gap?
Can anyone point me to useful information about how to marry a Nextcloud based workflow with Office365/OneDrive? Thanks.


It needs someone to build an app for that since native webdav support of onedrive doesn’t seem to work:

I’m wondering why a OneDrive external storage support app isn’t considered important enough to warrant development by the NextCloud staff itself? Every O365 user has access to it (admin permitting), I believe. All O365 home & personal subscriptions come with 1 TB of available OneDrive space per person. Seems to me like a large yet untapped opportunity for NextCloud to expand its user-base.


One Drive? Microsoft? Who is Microsoft?

We all use an proven and functional WebDAV between all platforms and devices, except this little strange one from this company called… uh forgot their name… Microsoft? Yes I believe Microoft was their name… remember them. They were very intrusive in privacy and tracking their users.

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Multiple strange ones:

Google Drive, Dropbox, and probably others too.


You are right. Other strange one’s implemented in the NC core. At Owncloud they provided the following workaround:

How to Create and Configure Microsoft OneDrive in OwnCloud

Would be a sweet option to be able to use the 1TB of free cloudspace on MS-Servers to store encrypted data via nextcloud.


Update: Doesn’t seem to be supported natively by Owncloud any more neither. Does anyone have a clue how difficult it would be to build a files_external_onedrive based on the files_external_dropbox APP by @icewind ?

Amazon might be considered a strange one by one or two here as well :wink:

Your link shows the documentation for their enterprise version which means that part is not Open Source. The Dropbox app uses Flysystem which supports a lot of backends (Google Drive and Onedrive included) so you could take a look into it:

Thank you @alfred !

I had a look at it. While GDrive and Dropbox backends seem to be up to date the OneDrive adapter is not being mantained (last change 2 years ago) unfortunately.

Well, for Google Drive there is already an app but it needs the StorageAdapter class which is not (yet) implemented in Nextcloud.

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Is there anyone from the NextCloud staff who will comment on this matter? Is this a feature NextCloud intends to implement at some point? If so, any projections on when it will be implemented?

A word from the staff would be much appreciated for those of us who need this feature. If it’s not going to happen, then it would be very helpful to know this so we can look elsewhere for an encrypted cloud storage solution.


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Hi everyone,
if you are interested I am working on an app to integrate onedrive in nextcloud.

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Thank you! This is excellent news. I wrote off NextCloud because it didn’t have this feature. How nice to get an email notification with your message. I will try to install NextCloud again and test your work.

Also, if you wish to study a great implementation of OneDrive as external backup, see .

The best to you and your efforts.

Hey defractulous,

glad to hear you. I had your same problem.

Anyway the app still needs some fixes:

  • upload of large files

  • a logic to refresh token

Features that will be fixed next week so I hope to release first stable also.


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Duplicati 2 deals beautifully with both the upload of large files and token refreshing. You might want to have a look.

Duplicati 2 has been in perma-beta for years, but I’ve found it to be very stable working with OneDrive files and far better than any paid or free backup I’ve come across, period.

Best to you.

Hi Hevelious,

Have you abandoned your OneDrive external storage app? I hope not. I still can’t get it to work with my OneDrive, and you don’t seem to be active on your GitHub account re. addressing reported issues. I’d be happy to donate money to your endeavor, but I’d like to see it working before I did. Best to you.