Google/One Drive & CO

Ich habe heute getestet und habe mich gefragt, warum die Einrichtung fĂŒr Google Cloud, One Drive und CO in Nextcloud so kompliziert ist.
Es gibt von solchen LösungsansÀtzen noch mehr: CloudEVO

Speicher/externer Storage hinzufĂŒgen, Authentifizieren und Speicher ist verbunden.
Das kann dann jeder.

Ich bin der festen Überzeugung, dass dies der nĂ€chste logische Schritt werden wird und es möglich wird alle Cloud-Versionen miteinander verbinden zu können.
Und gerade Nextcloud hat dies bisher auch gefördert, auch wenn die aktuelle Lösung nicht optimal ist.

There is an app in development for OneDrive at least:
See discussion here: Integration with OneDrive
For Google cloud: Support to Google Cloud Storage?

However most of us use Nextcloud to get away from these providers, hence the low priority this obviously has. Also I am not sure how easy or free-to-use Google/Microsoft etc develop their APIs. There was ownCloud OneDrive support once but broken due to changes, probably those providers do not want to make it too easy to implement their clouds access to any other client, to force using their own ones?

I know the apps. Too complicated.
Odrive do this without API.

You have many clouds because you use the service: Android => Google Drive

I disabled Google cloud on my Android and sync all data types with my Nextcloud server directly. However of course there are use cases or needs, e.g. simply because you deal with others who want to share their data with you from Google cloud. But obviously there are not too much users with this need currently, otherwise some app would exist.

Of course Odrive uses some API or protocol (internally) to sync with 3rd party clouds. Bare webdav seems to not work easily (?). If Odrive is open source one could check their method and adept for a native Nextcloud app.