Support to Google Cloud Storage?

Hi there,

Is there any ideia if Nextcloud´s project Roadmap has an issue about giving support to Google Cloud Storage? or does it gives support to AWS S3 compliant driver ? As Google Cloud already supports AWS S3 compliant, it would solve my problems…

Thanks in advace!


I agree this is a feature I want too

i agree to, it very useful :smiley:

So did one of you try it out? If it works with the S3 protocol, it should work the Nextcloud way. Results? Errors?

hi, i was try with Google Cloud Storage, and it work if only use one bucket, if use multiple bucket not work.
error {“reqId”:“552USxXsglcLajgTKttU”,“level”:3,“time”:“2018-04-26T21:18:09+00:00”,“remoteAddr”:“”,“user”:"–",“app”:“objectstore”,“method”:“GET”,“url”:"/js/$

Best log this on GitHub as a feature request, the devs are actively working there to make the files app all the better :slight_smile:

hi, i have successfully create nextcloud primary storage with multiple bucket on google cloud storage, note region must define. and google cloud storage setup and enable The Interoperability API. it compatible Aws S3 Api, no need change, everything work :smiley:


@najcardboyz When I tried your suggestion it successfully mounted and I’m able to upload files, but the files are unable to be found or seen once I leave the directory. Are you encountering this issue?

hi @Beryllium, i you mounted as external storage is not work, i try GCS, Minio, wasabi, s3. only work s3 and wasabi

Same issue here. Mounts fine in Nextcloud (green status), show up as always empty even though there are files / directories there. I’m able to view my GCP bucket using s3cmd, Transmit, CyberDuck, etc. without issue. However logs the following in nextcloud.log:

Error executing \“ListObjects\” on …
error: Client error response [url]

400 [reason phrase] Bad Request InvalidArgument (client): Invalid argument.

I am starting with nextCloud+GCP (VM it’s runing with domain+SSL) but i can’t find related information of how to setup a Google Cloud Storage as Internal/External storage. Can you tell me where did you found the documentation or any step-by-step guide?

Hello friend did you find any solution?

Hi @najcardboyz,
Can you please share complete step guide to use GCS with Nextcloud