Improving Nextcloud Documentation and community engagement

Continuing the discussion from Boosting community app development:

Agreed, documentation is a problem. I would also argue that it is simply impossible to work with as-is.

  • Who is accepting documentation pull requests on Github? If the current people are unable to commit their time, turn this task over to others who can be trusted to make it happen. The community should be trusted with this.

  • Where is our community documentation?

Why are we not allowing and even actively encouraging contributions from the community? There is a reason wikis rule and it stems from easy and effective community engagement.

My opinion is that we need a more effective documentation source for and from our community. This forum could be an option, but we also gatekeep #how-to-faqs when we should simply make all topics into wikis be default with the only requirement being registering a forum account or attaining @trust_level_1 after a few days registration. #wiki category was made to fill this gap, because we do not have an issue with bad actors; rather, we lack options for people who want to contribute in any meaningful way + we have not clarified with users where/how to contribute. See this attempt on explaining things to ncp users who might want to contribute.

NextcloudPi has been porting all of our #ncpdocs to the forum. All you must do is join our forum group and you’ll have full access to #ncpdrafts (draft) documentation yourself. All topics are wiki by default, because we want contributors! And all documents are visible to our bridged telegram+matrix chat groups via RSS, where they are happy to assist further with docs.

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Exactly, this necessitates the need for community maintained documentation, which could have handled the same documentation at their leisure.

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