Contribute to NextCloudPi

Hi!!! There is a lot you can do to help the NextCloudPi Project.

Report Bugs

The project is hosted on Github – click here to learn more.

We try to test things out before we ship updates but we don’t always have the time required without volunteers filing reports! Reporting Bugs helps us maintain our project, so if you use NextcloudPi and find that something isn’t working properly, please:

  • First
    Ask yourself whether the problem is related to support with Nextcloud or is an actual bug in the code of NCP
    (Not specific to our project, but it is a problem with Nextcloud in general)

  • Try searching keywords on the internet and then applying those same keywords on the forum.

The issue could be

  • Due to an app from the appstore
    Check the app’s listing in the appstore to locate the associated project repo on Github and search through their issues.

  • Due to some code in NextcloudPi
    So, after researching you find your problem is due to a bug in our project’s code…

    • To confirm, read over our issues page to get an idea of bugs and feature requests that exist and whether or not an issue has already been reported with the problem you’re experiencing.

    • You did the earlier steps of searching the internet and forum with keywords, yes? Cool, just making sure :blush:

    • Your issue is not mentioned or couldn’t find anything?
      File a new issue, it’s much appreciated, but please do remember to fill out information that is useful for troubleshooting or to be able to understand and resolve the issue/bug so others can help, unless you’re capable of implementing the fix yourself.

    • Got coding skills? Then help write and test the fix yourself! We appreciate pull requests!

Suggest things

Another thing you can do is propose ideas and feature requests for the NextCloudPi Project.
Note that suggestions are merely that, so no promises on implementing anything unless you want to code it yourself.

If you have something in your mind, Send a feature request, or just talk about your thoughts in the forums.

The more different ideas that are put on the table the better. You can also join nextcloudpi general discussions in our Telegram + Matrix group or join the Documentation team on Telegram Documentation + Matrix. Posting to the forum will automatically notify these groups.


As with every open source project, we need people power. If you have the coding skills to fix a bug you run into yourself, send a Pull Request. Even better, browse the Help Wanted tagged issues and follow up on Github.


Documentation is a work in constant progress, any additions and translations are most welcome.

Join our documentation group on the forum to help edit and draft out new articles for!

Spread the word

If you are happy with Nextcloud and NextCloudPi, you can talk about it in your break or in a coffee talk. Increasing awareness and community is always appreciated! :heart: