Contribute to NextCloudPi

There are a lot you can do to help to the NextCloudPi Project.

Report Bugs

We try to test things out before we ship updates but we don’t have the required time to test everything out. Reporting Bugs is one helpful thing you can do. It helps us maintain our project and If you use NextcloudPi and find that something isn’t working properly, please report it to our Issues page. Before reporting a bug check if it is already reported in here or in the FAQ

Propose things

An other thing you can do is propose things you would like to see in NextCloudPi Project. If you have something in your mind, Send a feature request, or just talk about your thoughts in the forums. The more different ideas are put on the table the better. You can also join general discussions in our Telegram group or join the Telegram Documentation Team.


As every open source project, we need manpower. If you have the coding skills to fix a bug you run into yourself, send a Pull Request. Even better, browse the issue tracker, chat with other developers or propose changes. Documentation is a work in constant progress, any additions and translations are most welcome.


Even if everything goes smooth for you and you do not have the time or the skills to do any of the above, it is really easy to help. Share the latest torrent! Be aware that every now and then, we will release a new image, so the old torrent will no longer be available in the project page.

Spread the word

If you are happy with Nextcloud and NextCloudPi, you can talk about it in your break or in a coffee talk.