Nextcloud Event Debugging

Hello, I can’t figure out if my event is firing or not. I have created “file create” as admin once, that it then outputs “okay event, there is new file”, but my debugger shows nothing.
How can I have the result show me if I want to be informed as admin. The goal is, for example, that only when an admin creates a new file in a folder, that only another admin is informed via notification/email that a new file has been created. [later I want to insert other events, but not even file create works currently]

please help. Thanks

Register a dummy listener that adds a log entry

Thank you . I would like to also know what identification or Address could i use to send a message ONLY to Administrators of the Nextcloud?

By adding a log entry upon all events, you see if an event has been fired. Then, you know you have integrated this part successfully. In your handler, you can use the notification system (1, 2) to send notifications.

You will have to get a list of all users interested in the notification and add notifications for all but this is just a simple loop over the user names.

Does this clear out your question?