How to reset Nextcloud PIN on Android?

Hey Everyone,

I forgot my Nextcloud app PIN code on Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S9+) and it keeps asking me about PIN each time I open the app.

I googled a lot and all I found was to clear app’s cache or re-install app. Unfortunately this is not a solution - when app is reinstalled it remembers the old PIN code (default should be None).

I went further and restored phone to factory settings - all my apps were downloaded back from Google Play together with Nextcloud. And - it still remembers the PIN code (!).

I found a post where it was suggested to brute force PIN code but it can’t be a solution for a mature app.

Any suggestions how to reset PIN appreciated.


You can search the forum history. Actually was my first internet search result: reset android.nextcloud pin at DuckDuckGo


Thanks for linking this - I saw it before. I was rather thinking about more “civilised” method of resetting app’s PIN. Something what a non-tech savvy user can do.

Actually it looks like when user lost PIN it can’t make use of Nextcloud app on Android anymore.

Isn’t there any recommended approach from Nextcloud Team (except re-intalling app as it doesn’t work)?