How to benchmark nextcloud installation?

Hello guys!

I’m really interested in working on the best performance (and secure) configuration of Nextcloud on Raspberry PI 3.

So, I’ve made a fresh install of nextcloud 9.0.52 on PI3 (Jessie light) with php 7.0.7-5 / nginx 1.10.1/ mariaDB 10.0.24 and indeed, it’s really fast. I’m now thinking about adding redis for cache but also SSL so it could be a bit slower.

I’m wondering if you guys know a way to benchmark this configuration so i could compare with any additionnal tunning and share my result here. Then we could all compare our result depending of our configuration and find the best one !



If you are not uniquely running this setup for test purposes in your local network, you must use SSL (files, password, … would pass completely unencrypted).

The rest depends a bit on your use case, one method is to create a huge amount of small files and measure the time it takes to upload them. Redis-cache should make such a difference that it is noticeable just from navigating through nextcloud (at least on php 5.x it was).

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yeah, i know about SSL :wink: I’ll definately configure it.

My post was more about a benchmark process or tools and if something already exist that we could use as a “standard”.


Here is a selection of tools:

thanks oparoz, i’ll try this !

is there any update ? please.

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