Comparing NC performance on different platforms

I have four NC installations - on a shared server, on a hosted VPS and on two private NASes with different quality. I would like to test and compare the performances between these installations. Are there any scripts available to do that?

Test the performance of what? How quickly you can upload/download files? How quickly thumbnails are generated? The CPU load on the server when syncing files? Do you have the same files on all servers?

Exactly. Preferently some standardised tests for benchmarking the installation. The installations are exactly similar - same files - same applications.

My question is how much faster/slower is a certan platform? Is my private NAS as fast as the hosted VPS? Which VPS provider has the best performance compared with the price?

Benchmarking is done for computers and mobile phones. I would like to benchmark the platform.

I have tested this WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test but it can only test the time up to the login.

I guess it would be possible to run some standardised tests through scripts.

I found this post How to benchmark nextcloud installation?

How to benchmark nextcloud installation?

Hello guys! I’m really interested in working on the best performance (and secure) configuration of Nextcloud on…

with these recommendations

I have not tried them yet. Maybe they are what I am looking for.

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Wouldn’t it make more sense to benchmark the OS? Each Nextcloud installation is going to be using the same software (presumably), just different versions. Maybe you could devise some tests of your own? Uploading huge images, or a large number of small files?

Did you have any luck in doing so, I wanted to check my own installation on a couple of different hardware configs to see if that would help