Which distro/image to choose to run Nextcloud on Raspberry Pi 3?

I’m using nginx 1.6.2 / php 5.6 / mysql / apcu on a PI3, do you think it worth to move on your configuration ?

Tried php7 and speed improvement is significant.
Another big performance issue was to change MySQL host. Instead of running server instance on my Pi I use server running on my NAS. That decreased system load and file I/O.

I’ve two Pi 3 so maybe i should also dedicated one for Mysql (I was thinking about this anyway) as I don’t have NAS. It may improve performance as well.

I had no real trouble with MySQL load but want to save some lifetime of inserted SD card :sunglasses:

Hello guys,

I’m about to make a fresh install of Nextcloud and still interested to make it as fast as possible using raspbian + nginx + php7 + MariaDB or MySQL.

What do you think about using MariaDB instead of MySQL from a performance point of view ?

Also, would you recommend to always use last packages version ? like php 7.0.7, nginx 1.10.1, MariaDB 10.1.14 ? compiling them directly on rasp or download could be enough ?

And finally, what do you think about installing raspbian on usb flash drive instead of SD card ? like he did :

He said it’s faster on USB flash drive, maybe because he’s using MySQL:

Hey guys ! I’m back !

I’ve made a fresh install of nextcloud 9.0.52 on PI3 (Jessie light) with php 7.0.7-5 / nginx 1.10.1/ mariaDB 10.0.24 and indeed, it’s really faster ! thanks for your advice !

I’ve created a new topic (not to spam this one) to talk about benchmarking our installation and find the best configuration on Rasp PI 3 :wink:

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for benchmarking can you setup the same configuration on a raspi 2 and raspi 1 :P?

Well, i do have a raspi 1 B+ but i don’t see any interest of making this test. We don’t really need tools to see that it’s faster on raspi 3. :slight_smile:

If you ask because you want to know if it’s worth to buy a 3 instead of 1 or 2 for nextcloud, i can say yes, it worth, without any doubt. My configuration were different on raspi 1 but so slow that i bought a 3 after 2 days.

the question is not whether is it faster, but how much is it.

I’m interested whether nextcloud can run without problems on such a small device with the right server configuration. I’m running owncloud on pi B and it is slow. Maybe it is worth to switch from apache to nginx or lighttpd.

It can

No need.

Not with apache and mysql

I need this information

Yes, the snap created for ownCloud ran very well when tuned to run on low powered devices. The key is not to run a different web server, but to use PHP-FPM. There is no need to use anything else than Apache unless you have the expertise to configure NGINX per example.

Once the Nextcloud snap is released for the Pi3, you’ll be able to run it yourself.

I am not talking about the pi3 but the pi1…

You’re right, I misread your comment. When you mentioned “can run without problems on such a small device”, I assumed you were talking about the Pi3.

My comment still stands though, on a Pi2 or Pi3, NC runs well, so it would be best to upgrade instead of trying to make it work on a device which doesn’t have enough RAM and CPU power.

EDIT: I don’t want to sound insensitive. I respect the fact that for some people a P1 or C.H.I.P might be the only option, but devices with 512MB of RAM will really struggle with NC and offer a poor experience.

So you better start topic for P1?

Get a PI3 for 37€ :wink:

I have OC running on a PI2@Jessie@PHP7@Nginx@1ghz and its pretty ok with the file app opening in ~2seconds

If I buy another PI my PI1 will be obsolete because I have no other use-case for it. I mean there are several other cloud services which are running on the pi1 but they don’t have so much features like nextcloud. That’s why I was asking about the benchmark for the pi1 :stuck_out_tongue:

If I have enough time I will play around a little bit. Maybe I can speed up my server configuration.

Idea: User your Pi1 to add a local mailserver and install nagios to monitor all your own devices and services.

I just happened to create a video yesterday on how to install Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi 3 using UBOS, a rollling-release Arch Linux derivative I’ve been working on that can install web apps like Nextcloud in a single command. UBOS has the goal to take the drudgery out of installing and maintaining web apps.

While the video is fairly long, that’s because it goes through every single step from downloading UBOS, writing to SD Card, connecting wires, etc.

The actual Nextcloud install is just one command with a few answers to be provided. Here’s a transcript.

> sudo ubos-admin createsite
App to run: nextcloud9 
Downloading packages...
Hostname (or * for any): ubos-raspberry-pi2.local 
App nextcloud9 suggests context path /nextcloud
Enter context path:
Any accessories for nextcloud9? Enter list: 
Site admin user id (e.g. admin): admin
Site admin user name (e.g. John Doe): admin
Site admin user password (e.g. s3cr3t): 
Site admin user e-mail (e.g. foo@bar.com): test@ubos.net

This will download Nextcloud, MySQL, configure Apache virtual host, create the Nextcloud config files etc. When the command has finished executing, that hostname will have Nextcloud running. (The hostname is the default mDNS/Avahi that UBOS advertises in this case; can be changed of course)

Full-stack software updates are also just one command, as is backup and restore.

Here’s the link to the video: http://ubos.net/blog/2016/07/15/nextcloud-raspberry-pi3-install-video.html.

Let me know what you think!


Spending time checking how much faster an RPI1 is versus RPI3 is a complete waste of time. It is not recommended to run SQL databases on RPi1, it’s just way too slow.

@j12t it sounds like a nice script for UBOS. But on a RPi3, using Apache and MySQL is the slowest option based on the posts I have read in this forum and others. As mentioned above there are faster alternatives like NGINX and MariaDB.

I would love to see a guide on Nextcloud.com for noobs on how to install NextCloud on a Debian based system in such a way it will be light and fast. From what I understand I have to install PHP7, NGINX, MariaDB before installing NextCloud… but how to do all this, no idea.