Which distro/image to choose to run Nextcloud on Raspberry Pi 3?

Got a nice Pi3 and want to run my next own cloud.

Which distro to choose?
Official raspbian does not offer php 7.
Do not like to use 3rd party repos on my cloud server.

Just tried unofficial ubuntu image. As soon as I changed locale my network is down.
Tried https://ubuntu-pi-flavour-maker.org/download/ as well. Same trouble with network and german locale.

Are there general problems with 16.04, german locale and network?

Any comments are appreciated.


I haven’t tried an arm yet. For Debian 8, I successfully used the dotdeb-packages for php 7. As they are not available for arm architecture, you could try other resources such as https://www.stewright.me/2016/03/turn-raspberry-pi-3-php-7-powered-web-server/
You could try the pi-images based on ubuntu snappy: https://github.com/owncloud/pi-image

Snappy is not ready as far as I tried. Wasted some hours.

Since Nextcloud codebase at the moment is the same like owncloud9, it should work on raspbian jessi. Raspbian won’t offer Php7 via apt-get but I’m sure you can install it using other ways.

Maybe you can build it yourself with its source https://github.com/php/php-src/
This user did it on raspbian https://ckon.wordpress.com/2015/08/06/put-mysql-functions-back-into-php-7/

Yeah, using 3rd party repos is one way. Security and trust is important for me. Trusting 3rd party deb packages is not my preliminary idea.

before you posted I edited how you can do it without 3rd party repos.

I would wait for the Nextcloud snap. Snappy 16.04 is close to being finalised and there is a kernel for the Pi3.


Hey, good to know. Do you have any link for me?

Call me crazy but I prefer arch linux for my pi devices.

@rakekniven Check the snapcraft mailing list for the current status about Snappy and the Pi3 kernel. Once that’s ready, it will take a few weeks for people to deliver various snaps.

deb http://mirrordirector.raspbian.org/raspbian/ stretch main contrib non-free rpi

Infos here

Used it on my RPi2 and it makes OC so much quicker!


Attention: in the solution php7.0-mysql und php-apcu (?) are missing

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Just had a look at http://mirrordirector.raspbian.org/raspbian/pool/main/p/ and there mysql and apcu packages, or?

I was refering to the howto in my link.
The apt-get install is missing these 2

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I’m using nginx 1.6.2 / php 5.6 / mysql / apcu on a PI3, do you think it worth to move on your configuration ?

Tried php7 and speed improvement is significant.
Another big performance issue was to change MySQL host. Instead of running server instance on my Pi I use server running on my NAS. That decreased system load and file I/O.

I’ve two Pi 3 so maybe i should also dedicated one for Mysql (I was thinking about this anyway) as I don’t have NAS. It may improve performance as well.

I had no real trouble with MySQL load but want to save some lifetime of inserted SD card :sunglasses:

Hello guys,

I’m about to make a fresh install of Nextcloud and still interested to make it as fast as possible using raspbian + nginx + php7 + MariaDB or MySQL.

What do you think about using MariaDB instead of MySQL from a performance point of view ?

Also, would you recommend to always use last packages version ? like php 7.0.7, nginx 1.10.1, MariaDB 10.1.14 ? compiling them directly on rasp or download could be enough ?

And finally, what do you think about installing raspbian on usb flash drive instead of SD card ? like he did :

He said it’s faster on USB flash drive, maybe because he’s using MySQL:

Hey guys ! I’m back !

I’ve made a fresh install of nextcloud 9.0.52 on PI3 (Jessie light) with php 7.0.7-5 / nginx 1.10.1/ mariaDB 10.0.24 and indeed, it’s really faster ! thanks for your advice !

I’ve created a new topic (not to spam this one) to talk about benchmarking our installation and find the best configuration on Rasp PI 3 :wink:

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