Help testing Nextcloud 12.0.4 RC1

Edit: There is now 12.0.4 RC3:

We just released the 12.0.4 RC1. These minor releases do fix a lot of issues and add some small enhancements (find the changelog at the end of this post)
To make sure everything works as expected also in your environment, we’d greatly appreciate your help to test it.

While we expect the release to not eat any data and be stable, the usual disclaimer is still valid: Make sure to have backups before updating!

… once you have done that, grab the code from and simply update your instance as usual by removing all old files and putting the new files in place. It is also shipped by our update server to all instances of Nextcloud 11 or Nextcloud 12 with the beta channel selected.

If you encounter any issues, please leave a comment here and file an issue at (or the appropriate repository of the component)

Thanks to all the awesome people that contributed in some way to this release! Be it with coding, translating, helping people, filing issues, etc.

Keep rocking :rocket:


Shipped apps

IMHO, there’s still a problem with the force_language setting as stated before: [1] [2]

  1. Change language in personal profile to other than default, f.e. de.
  2. Set default_language and/or force_language to en in /config/config.php.
  3. Take a look at the strings in different apps: Is it a mix of two languages, en and de?

Can someone test and confirm this please?

Is it a bug or a special setting?

It was never planned to be used like that. force_language was meant to be used and an external system then sets the language of the user to the wanted value. The default language should only hit in, when no language can be detected.

I guess we need to think about what the outcome should be in this scenario and how it is currently implemented.

But thanks for this heads up.

I thought there will be Version 13 of NC as a next NC release but 12.0.4 seems to be released too.
As I mentioned in No progress bar during file upload using Microsoft Edge there is still no progress bar in MS Edge in 12.0.4 RC1. Can you give me an advice where can I found routine which is responsible for showing the progress bar? I would like to compare it to NC 13 where it is working correctly.

@ force_language setting:
I want to use it this way:
If company has several Branch offices worldwide (America, Asia, Japan, Europe,…) I want to force people to use one common language in the GUI of web browser to be able to help them solve any problems or troubles using NC so the screenshots they will send me must be understandable to me in common language.
With “force_language = en” I am able to do it.

Please report this to the bug tracker on (I’m not sure about the current status, but in the past there have been some issues with MS browsers and they tried to fix it as good as possible.).

Please help testing the RC2:

Those are the changes:


Given that there is no changes to the theming-app, I assume it still has this really annoying bug with regards to the color of the login-button:

Last week I discovered OwnCloud and got the server up and running. Then I found Nextcloud and after learning a bit more about the communities and license knew that Nextcloud was the better option. The problem, I had already installed OwnCloud 10.03 and the upgrader script didn’t have a path to Nextcloud 12. I tried a few times with various version but then decided to wait until a compatible upgrade path was available. Then I found this post!

Since I like to live dangerously and didn’t care about the few files I had in my OwnCloud install I decided to give this RC a try. Happy to report things worked as expected by following the manual upgrade instructions.

Thanks for all your hard work folks!


I apologize if this is the wrong location to ask this question but we just installed Nextcloud inside of Unraid. We aren’t close to production and I’d like to test out the 12.0.4 RC but I’m not sure how to upgrade it. I’m use to having a standalone Linux server to run commands against and I’m still trying to wrap my brain around dockers and containers. Anyone know of tutorials to upgrade from 12.0.3 to 12.0.4 RC within an Unraid Docker App?

Correct - this is the wrong place - just open a new topic about it. :slight_smile:

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There is now an RC3 of this: 12.0.4 RC3:

Containing a fix for a regression that was introduced into with 12.0.4 RC1 - see for the diff.