Help test the next generation Nextcloud Desktop Clients!

Perhaps you can provide a installer to install a second sync client. ownCloud did this by providing a testpilot client.

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Debian Testing 64 bit:

  • i cannot log in with app password for soe reason. If i provide the password to the stable client then start the test client it connects, but even like this sometimes it hangs on logon.
  • I cannot encrypt a folder, i always have the mnemonic popup but when i try to right click on a folder and encrypt it i always et the “Wait for folder to sync” message. The folder is synced and it is empty.

Windows 10 Enterprise - [Nextcloud-]

Seem to have a random issue where the app will get stuck and stay at “waiting”. If i go into the app and do a force sync, everything goes green again.

My general release desktop dosnt seem to have this issue.

I also have the “Please wait for folder to sync” message when attempting to encrypt a folder.

It’s probably the best you all report your issues to the bugtracker providing all important information (versions, logfiles, conditions to reproduce bugs):


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I’m running the new client on MacOS Mojave and noticed odd pixelated/grainy fonts. Maybe that has nothing to do with the Nextcloud client but Mojave… No idea.

PS: Make sure to click on the pics to view them in 100% size. Displayed inline the size is reduced which smoothens the pic a bit.

Hi, testing on Windows 10 here.

I have experienced the following:

  • Long installation time (stuck on vcredist) with forced reboot
  • Problem when waking up from sleep (red cross). Will try to get some debug logs
  • Problem with menu location when switching between different screens (docked, undocked). Maybe related to DPI…

Thanks a million for the great work!

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I got the same exact problems

Please, report them in the bug tracker!

I have created one.

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Nextcloud- is broken. No software start.

Nextcloud- is unstable:
stop uploads without reasons, impossible to writes files … no logs usables

After Login, Redirecting indefinitely.
Impossible to go further

Installed on Windows 10

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Still the same problem as @Macs with the lastest build

software is unstable as it is. Stopped testing for me, going back to latest.

No desktop client app for ChromeOS??

Judged by the post above by @Macs, the openssl version for windows client still stays as ancient as 1.0.1h Jun 5, 2014. Can somebody on the team amend this?

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I installed the latest nightly today on my 2010 Macbook Pro, and when starting the client, I can see that the Mac is switching to the Discreet GPU. When exiting the client, the Mac is switching back to the integrated GPU.

This is an issue, especially when running on battery, because discreet GPU consumes much much more power…

i have just installed the last night version 24-8-2018 of the windows client app and every time i reboot my pc i get logedout off the cloud and i have to login agian to grant access. anybody with the same bug ?

Did someone have a working flow between android and linux desktop client with working e2e in the last nightly builds?