Help test Nextcloud 12.0.3!

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It is that time again: we’re gearing up for bugfix releases and we’re looking for your help to ensure a smooth upgrade experience for all our users again! As before, we’re offering a little incentive in the form of a Nextcloud t-shirt for anyone who discovers and reports a bug in the upgrade process or a regression from 12.0.x.

Testing testing testing

The Nextcloud 12.0.3 milestone has closed nearly 70 issues, with over 170 commits fixing small problems and bringing minor improvements all over. While that makes it smaller than 12.0.2 it is still a significant release and we'd like to give it a good run through our testing process. Of course, every change goes through automated code level testing and a review process but nothing beats real life experiences gathered by our wider community. No testing matrix can cover all the different ways in which you all use Nextcloud with unique combinations of databases, operating systems, file systems, network settings and more!

We’re still aware of one open issue, which is that the latest update of the Calendar app (1.5.4) triggers a spurious warning of the file integrity checker. It complains that a file is missing: .gitignore. You can ignore this warning, we’re working on getting an update to the Calendar app in the store which will eliminate it.

Video showing upgrade to the first release candidate and the calendar problem.

To test the upgrade to 12.0.3RC2, follow these steps:

  1. Backup your database: mysqldump --single-transaction -h [server] -u [username] -p[password] [db_name] > …/nextcloud-sqlbkp_date +"%Y%m%d".bak (see our documentation for other databases and here for restoring if needed)
  2. Set your release channel to beta in the web interface
  3. run the updater from the Nextcloud folder: sudo -u [webserver username] updater/updater.phar

If all goes well, you should soon be able to log into a fresh Nextcloud on your webserver! Report any problems you encounter beyond the known file integrity check problem so we can fix them for the final release. And remember, if you find a bug, report it! The first reporter for each distinct upgrade issue or regression from 12.0.x (a function that worked in an earlier 12.0.x release but is broken in 12.0.3RC) that is found earns a t-shirt.

Update with the Web Updater ran without problems :+1:

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CLI update with updater.phar went smooth. Is it possible to BUY a shirt/stickers? :wink:


Hehehe, you might need to :wink:

We have no shop or something set up, sadly - it is hard to find a place that does that in a reasonable way, the shipping is messy. We can sent an occasional t-shirt by hand but not the dozens a month that people want, sorry…

However. We try to have t-shirts and other stuff at events. That means you can and should meet us at events like the upcoming FOSDEM in Belgium or SCALE in California next year. I always bring a few shirts for the real fans.

Plus, we give them away at our own events. And if somebody organizes Nextcloud meetups or attendance to local events we also try to sent a shirt, stickers, flyers etc when asked.

Hint hint :smiley:

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@jospoortvliet Cya at FOSDEM 2018 :wink:

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None for the fat ones though :stuck_out_tongue: I obviously need to start running before the next event :wink:

@stratacast: Do you know apt-get shirt? :wink:

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I do now! :smiley: thank you!

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# service mysql restart
# chmod 1733 /var/lib/php/session
# chown nginx:nginx /var/lib/php/session

solve this problem for me

too little info to help… maybe this could be of help --> Login button disabled
there are more threads about “login button” if you’d search for it.

@JasonBayton @tflidd
i think this thread could be closed… testing phase for 12.0.3 is over.

I finally managed to move it. I tried yours as well, but the forum is too slow and generates timeouts

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