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Hello, so I just downloaded the most recent NextCloud .zip file along with the MacOS installer. Once I got to the Setup Wizard and it asked for my server address, and I did some research, I realized I need to have my own cloud in place first. I know this makes sense, but even though I’ve already decided to pursue setting up NextCloud, I’m still learning about what has to be done to get it up and running. I found some instructions on this page and I feel pretty out of my league here. I don’t run Ubuntu or Linux, and am pretty lost with regards to how I should go about doing this (or if I even can without at least one of those systems). I’m willing to learn about the specifics and do what it takes to get NextCloud up and running though, and would deeply appreciate any and all help.

What are your requirements? Do you have hardware to run it on, or would you use a VPS? Maybe you can try downloading the Nextcloud image, and try getting that to work first.

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I’d prefer hardware to run it on because I don’t want to have to pay for a VPS, but it sounds like that also consumes a lot of bandwidth/electricity and can’t be used on a personal computer?

For a start, it can even run on a Raspberry Pi, maybe with an external HDD. Why should it not run on a PC? But you will need some DDNS to access the cloud from other places. To get started and get some experience, I would start with the home based installation. But also I think some Linux knowledge would help.

I have a pretty good guide here:

And failing that, there are more guides listed here:

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