Help: Nextcloud update failed, how to get back access

I am using Nextcloud v24.0.3 on a hosted webspace ( =
php 8.0, MySQL, apache

Last week I started an update to v24.0.5 via build-in updater but it failed for some reason

I don’t know the updater secret password or I am pretty sure that I haven’t set this…

So please can anybody explain how to proceed with this:

If you don’t know that value, you can access this updater directly via the Nextcloud admin screen or generate your own secret:

Thanks very much and regards

Hi Stefanseiner,

in which phase terminates the update? In “move new files”? That’s where it always terminates when I update my NC over the integrated updater. I also run my NC via shared webhosting.

@JimmyKater sorry

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I can’t say exactly at which point the update crashed because I opened new browser tab while updating was running.

And now I can’t enter admin area to start update a second time or changeanything because it says “update in progress”

Setting “maintenance mode” to “false” into the config file doesn’t change anything.

Ok. do you have shell access or at least access via ftp to your installation?
In the folder /nextcloud/data you will find updater.log. In my cases it ends like this
2022-09-16T19:31:51+0200 BEfYO0K5KL [info] POST request for step “9”
2022-09-16T19:31:51+0200 BEfYO0K5KL [info] startStep(“9”)
2022-09-16T19:31:51+0200 BEfYO0K5KL [info] deleteOldFiles()
2022-09-16T19:31:52+0200 BEfYO0K5KL [info] config sample exists
2022-09-16T19:31:52+0200 BEfYO0K5KL [info] themes README exists
2022-09-16T19:32:00+0200 BEfYO0K5KL [info] end of deleteOldFiles()
2022-09-16T19:32:00+0200 BEfYO0K5KL [info] endStep(“9”)
2022-09-16T19:38:18+0200 TUfsyTNr4I [info] request to updater
2022-09-16T19:38:21+0200 TUfsyTNr4I [info] currentStep()
2022-09-16T19:38:21+0200 TUfsyTNr4I [info] Step 9 is in state “end”.
2022-09-16T19:38:21+0200 TUfsyTNr4I [info] show HTML page
2022-09-16T19:38:21+0200 TUfsyTNr4I [info] current version: 24.0.5 build time: 2022-09-08T10:35:07+00:00 e712fab1daf99ad6d1d48f9e851f3a4f90166649

Step 9 is “Delete old files” and is followed by “Move new files in place” (s. Upgrade via built-in updater — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation).

Can you confirm that?

I have access via FTP and the latest lines in updater.log are

2022-09-30T06:58:57+0200 MZPyGMuz33 [info] startStep("9")
2022-09-30T06:58:57+0200 MZPyGMuz33 [info] deleteOldFiles()
2022-09-30T06:59:02+0200 MZPyGMuz33 [info] config sample exists
2022-09-30T06:59:02+0200 MZPyGMuz33 [info] themes README exists
2022-09-30T07:02:25+0200 uBOWhV0iJC [info] request to updater
2022-09-30T07:02:25+0200 uBOWhV0iJC [info] currentStep()
2022-09-30T07:02:25+0200 uBOWhV0iJC [info] Step 9 is in state "start".
2022-09-30T07:03:29+0200 MZPyGMuz33 [info] end of deleteOldFiles()
2022-09-30T07:03:29+0200 MZPyGMuz33 [info] endStep("9")
2022-09-30T07:05:25+0200 LvqxloPeJX [info] request to updater
2022-09-30T07:05:25+0200 LvqxloPeJX [info] currentStep()
2022-09-30T07:05:25+0200 LvqxloPeJX [info] Step 9 is in state "end".
2022-09-30T07:05:25+0200 LvqxloPeJX [info] POST request for step "9"
2022-09-30T07:05:25+0200 LvqxloPeJX [info] startStep("9")
2022-09-30T07:05:25+0200 LvqxloPeJX [info] deleteOldFiles()
2022-09-30T07:05:25+0200 LvqxloPeJX [error] POST request failed with other exception
2022-09-30T07:05:25+0200 LvqxloPeJX [error] Exception: Exception
Message: core/shipped.json is not available
#0 /is/htdocs/wp14723049_KAO38NZZ7O/www/Cloud/updater/index.php(1386): Updater->deleteOldFiles()
#1 {main}

2022-09-30T07:05:25+0200 LvqxloPeJX [info] rollbackChanges("9")
2022-09-30T07:05:25+0200 LvqxloPeJX [info] unlink .step
2022-09-30T07:05:25+0200 LvqxloPeJX [info] rollbackChanges - step >= 7
2022-09-30T07:05:25+0200 LvqxloPeJX [info] end of  rollbackChanges()
2022-09-30T07:05:37+0200 Wl835MzrRg [info] request to updater
2022-09-30T07:05:37+0200 Wl835MzrRg [info] currentStep()
2022-09-30T07:05:37+0200 Wl835MzrRg [info] show HTML page
2022-09-30T07:05:37+0200 Wl835MzrRg [info] current version: 24.0.3 build time: 
2022-09-30T07:05:48+0200 T8eJZCyFz3 [info] request to updater
2022-09-30T07:05:48+0200 T8eJZCyFz3 [info] currentStep()
2022-09-30T07:05:48+0200 T8eJZCyFz3 [info] show HTML page
2022-09-30T07:05:48+0200 T8eJZCyFz3 [info] current version: 24.0.3 build time: 
2022-09-30T07:06:03+0200 FWcd6akplI [info] request to updater

any ideas how to get back access to my nextcloud?