Group Folder 4.1.3 troubles on NC 16

There are some troubles with the Group folders again:

Issue A:

Please be aware of GF 4.1.3 trouble with advanced permissons #635 and related issues.

This issue is currently WIP and under investigation. My sincere apologies if early assumptions were misleading.


Please be aware of Sync with desktop client not working with GF 4.1.0 and Nextcloud 16.0.4 #597 Desktop client not syncing changes #597.

Why is this issue closed? I also don’t understand what’s exactly the problem you have. Can you describe it in detail?

The context is more complex than my first estimate. Furthermore, there is trouble in syncing the group folders in general apparently.

Please have a look at the issue mentioned in case B above.

Thanky you for asking and your point is noted. After sorting things out I will be happy to explain more. Please bear with me until then as testing needs some time besides my main production work.

Group Folder 4.1.4

  • Fix etag propagation which caused the desktop client not syncing changes
  • Check if the parent folder is updatable when moving

Apparently, issue B is resolved. However, I still have to wait for the true results or any other findings in our environment.