Field report with the package NX30 from Hetzner

The task of a Nextcloud with 1TB storage space came to me.

I didn’t want to do this with a Raspberry + hard disk. The type of data allows to store the data at a hoster.

The big ones (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) were not available. Data location Germany was the default.

My choice fell on Hetzner, specifically the package NX30.

It was set up in 10 minutes and the data is transferred via Sync-Client.

Job done.

P.S. I am not connected with Hetzner in any way.


Hetzner is great - been using them for many years now, top stability, good pricing and excellent Linux support. I prefer to manage my own servers, but the NX offers looks pretty good.

btw how much control do you get over the nextcloud app itself with those offers? Do you have access to console/filesystem where the app is running, or is it all managed?

You do not get ssh access or any other way to access the file system. Hetzner setup your web server properly and is taking care about updates.

Very good package for non admins or other regular users.


  • Can you install all apps you want?
  • Do they run updates/upgrades for you?
  • Can you migrate the data out to a different server (your own or different provider)?

So back at home. Just checked the logs and everything is fine. Got about 20 clients and 800GB of files. I only use the package for file sync, so I try to answer your questions properly:

You can install any app from the app store AFAICS.

Yes, they maintain system for you. There is no settings to select update channel. They use stable and on my instance there is v15.0.7 right now.

Huh, I cannot see any option to get the db somehow. Let me ask them on Twitter.


Q: Someone else was asking me if the package includes an email server / email addresses.

A: No, you have to add a domain package and manage email addresses from that.

Their Wiki says it’s not possible to use their nextcloud service with your own hostname/domain. Is that really still true?
Also I didn’t see an easy way to migrate my whole encrypted nextcloud to their service. Only by telling all users of my current nextcloud to sync all their data down, change the nextcloud config to the Hetzner hostname and then sync up again.

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That’s true.

Yes, I see no other way either.

German review:


Did you get a response to your Twitter question?

They told me to file an official ticket to get this questions being worked on.
Haven’t done this 'til now :neutral_face:

Hello rakekniven,

I use the NX10 contract and have been satisfied so far.

Now I have the following problems:
-NextCloud Talk is not working.

  • Collabora/OnlyOffice does not work properly.

According to the internet I need a turn server for Talk. Hetzner does not offer such a turn server.

Office: According to Hetzner I need my own server which is not available at Hetzer.

What about you? Do you have any experience?
PS: gladly also in German (at least by PN)

No need for PM.

Fortunately I knew about the limitations regarding Nextcloud Talk and Collabora Office.

I am not using my Hetzner Cloud anymore. This christmas brought this to me:

For sure I have to take care about maintenance myself :slight_smile:

What about your skillz and technical environment?


All right, thanks for the answer.

I had actually bought a rasperry 4 for my nextcloud, but then I had problems with PiVPN. I also didn’t know how to clone my hard drives. So I went to Hetzner, less work.

Thanks for the link, but 699€ I am currently not willing to pay :wink:

For sure.

Maybe someone else knows a good provider for Nextcloud including Talk and Office?

Yeah, not cheap but I am independant now :trophy: :free:

We are offering Nextcloud with Talk and Collabora Office.

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Webo, too, with Talk and Coll.

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Hansson IT offers hosting as well. :wink:

Do not hijack this thread. It was about field report with Hetzner :slight_smile:


Sorry @rakekniven :grimacing: