Off-topic posts in long threads

Hm, first you write

and then people answer and then you write

I split this off a bit to not create more off-topic posts. Unfortunately, this is not very easy, like real discussions you can get slightly off-topic and to some extent you can accept this.
What you could do, create a new topic with experience of providers with Nextcloud including talk and office, then you answer rakekniven, you have posted some experience in this new topic (in the original one). So you keep him updated about the question but you don’t create a topic on your own that could trigger more off-topic answers, they move to the new topic. Think about it as a user looking for information about this specific topic. It might be interesting to hear that Hetzner does not provide Talk and Office, and you can continue investigating other solutions, but if you are really interested in the Hetzner topic, you don’t want to hear about all these other providers.

That being said, there is no strict guideline and at the moment it’s a bit up to each user and moderator to do what they think is the best. So not all decisions of moderators are entirely consistent. We just hope it is not required and a small nudge here and there is enough without creating large guidelines and rules.

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Ok I think this is getting bigger than I wanted it to be. I just wanted to point out that it does not seem fair to me to first ask for something and when people answer to tell them that they did something wrong.

Thats all.

I didn’t want to blame you in particular. There was a longer discussion trailing off already before, some posts were already marked as off-topic (I think it was even yours) and with this it was possible to do a cut and move it out.

For the moderators it is often not easy to judge “off topic or not”.
We get many flag and sometimes I doubt about it.

Some users want to stay on topic without any deviation. For others it is ok to discuss this and that in one topic.

Hopefully, as Tflidd already wrote, we will manage without rules and instructions.
So far things are going quite well here :slight_smile: , right?

If someone feels unfairly treated by comments or moderator decisions, please report it immediately. We will find a solution.

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