Field report with the package NX30 from Hetzner

German review:


Did you get a response to your Twitter question?

They told me to file an official ticket to get this questions being worked on.
Haven’t done this 'til now :neutral_face:

Hello rakekniven,

I use the NX10 contract and have been satisfied so far.

Now I have the following problems:
-NextCloud Talk is not working.

  • Collabora/OnlyOffice does not work properly.

According to the internet I need a turn server for Talk. Hetzner does not offer such a turn server.

Office: According to Hetzner I need my own server which is not available at Hetzer.

What about you? Do you have any experience?
PS: gladly also in German (at least by PN)

No need for PM.

Fortunately I knew about the limitations regarding Nextcloud Talk and Collabora Office.

I am not using my Hetzner Cloud anymore. This christmas brought this to me:

For sure I have to take care about maintenance myself :slight_smile:

What about your skillz and technical environment?


All right, thanks for the answer.

I had actually bought a rasperry 4 for my nextcloud, but then I had problems with PiVPN. I also didn’t know how to clone my hard drives. So I went to Hetzner, less work.

Thanks for the link, but 699€ I am currently not willing to pay :wink:

For sure.

Maybe someone else knows a good provider for Nextcloud including Talk and Office?

Yeah, not cheap but I am independant now :trophy: :free:

We are offering Nextcloud with Talk and Collabora Office.

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Webo, too, with Talk and Coll.

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Hansson IT offers hosting as well. :wink:

Do not hijack this thread. It was about field report with Hetzner :slight_smile:


Sorry @rakekniven :grimacing:


Hi rakekniven

did you file a ticket? And what would be the consequences of not having access to the db/database/Datenbank?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

No, I am not using this product anymore.
Running my cloud at home with my own hardware.

OK, I just filed one myself and got a response saying that I won’t get access due to security reasons:

Leider haben sie kein Zugriff auf die Datenbank der Nextcloud, aus Sicherheitsgründen.

Bei weiteren Fragen stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung.

@rakekniven Can you help me with my other question with regards to the consequences of not having the db when I want to move my instance, e.g. to self-hosted? Especially, if I got several users on the instance.

Please post details. Normally your webservice (nextcloud) can access the database (e.g. MariaDB) through localhost.

Without having the db it looks a manually shifting accounts.

Please open a new topic for this as it es getting off-topic here.

Hetzner has now responded again that they could place a copy of the DB in my Nextcloud instance which would solve the problem. So I am happy about that.

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Solved, since Hetzner could provide a copy of the DB and place it on my Nextcloud instance.

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