Embed link-shared video in Wordpress?


it does not seem possible to embed a video that I shared via public link from my Nextcloud in a wordpress post? The visitor to my wordpress blog should see a videoplayer directly in the post, and just press play.

Nextcloud is not listed here Embeds | WordPress.org maybe that’s something we wanna work towards? If I understand correctly, Nextcloud would have to implement https://oembed.com/

What do you think?

Other related topics, but as far as I understand they did not solve what I am trying to do:

I got it to work:

  1. install app https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/sharingpath
  2. share a video via link from Nextcloud file interface
  3. click on the three dots of the file, click copy sharing path (as described here (as described here GitHub - rookie0/nextcloud-sharing-path: 🌩 Nextcloud app to enhance files sharing to be accessed by stored path, can be used as CDN origin.)
  4. in wordpress in the editor, add the embed block and copy the sharing path url in there (it ends with a file extension, for example .mp4)


Another option, although not as flexible, but that does not reveal your system path and still gives you “activity” information for anyone interested.

<video controls preload="none" width="100%"
    <source src="https://your/normal/nextcloud/shared/link/download"

append /download to the end of your video link. For photos you append /preview.

Maybe the app ShareRenamer is an additional option. Then you can change the share and re-use the name of the share without changing html code in Wordpress.