How to allow streaming video playback directly from nextcloud web interface

Nextcloud version 17.0.3
Operating system and version Debian 9
Apache or nginx version Apache 2.4.25)
PHP version 7.3
Video Player NC app version 1.6.0 enabled

The issue you are facing:
Uploaded a video, normally mpg, shared it, from “nextcloud-client-nautilus” (Linux), then going to the shared link, only the download button is present and no the play button. On the NC web interface I can see the video uploaded and shared, but not play it directly, not even, via web interface, when I am logged in with my user.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error?:
Before the upgrade and then to the 17.0.3 version

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Upload video into the shared folder into Nautilus, Linux
  2. Go to “Share by Nextcloud”
  3. Obtain the public link
  4. Copy and paste to the browser the shared link
  5. Go to shared link

what I expect to happen

I would like the user to be presented with the streaming window, avoiding the need to download the video every time.
Could it be a setting related to the configuration of Apache or PHP?

Many thank!



Depending on your browser if it supports HTML5 video playback, most browsers will directly play the video if it is mp4, but other formats would be donwloaded as they are not supported by the browser. Nextcloud does not have a integrated fallback video player.

it has nothing to do with apache or php :slight_smile:
but would be awesome to see that

The issue OP is running into is mkv files don’t play in nextcloud. Doesn’t matter if it’s shared or not.

I’m not sure if this is because the audio codec is not supported by the browser though.

The mp4 extension plays fine.

I’ve try several browser, nothing change!
You can see the same behavior yourself from here


In my situation, mpg extension, not fine.


Open the same question “as issues” on the official developer video player app


Sharing “mp4” format, the video player window appear, but only the sound is played, not the video.


This is Jellyfin’s Doc page, but may help give you some idea of what will and what will not play on what browsers. As @baboonpower mentioned .mp4 files will almost always play, if not it’s probably related to your setup.
There has been some treads requesting a feature to do transcoding, but not sure when or if that will be implemented. Best options right now are to use software like handbrake to transcode your content first before uploading.
Kind of a work around, at least until something is implemented, is to use Jellyfin with Nextcloud as a backend, you can then share links from Jellyfin that will encode your content on the fly. All backend is managed through Nextcloud.

Hello Folks,

I followed this thread and unfortunately did not understand everything - but, I do have a related question and though I place it right here. I was looking for a video player, like an app in nextcloud so that people can view the video instead of downloading it. Which is the easiest way right now to make that possible? If there is a way??! And what format (mp4 only?, what about mov?) should I choose to upload the files on nextcloud?

Thank you very much for a practical advice for someone with limited IT background.


The nextcloud app. When you upload a video you have to double click to have video playback when it’s playing.