Electronic signature of PDF document?

Hi. We are using Nextcloud internally in our organization, but we still use external services like Scrive/Docusign/GetAccept/SignRequest etc for electronic signatures of PDF documents. Writing a Nextcloud app for this seem feasible to me. It should allow the user to draw in the PDF boxes where different users get an email and then should be able to “sign” by digitally writing a signature. I can allocate some funding to make this happen if someone wants to build it, any ideas on how to coordinate such an effort? Maybe others want to fund it too, in some crowdfunding way. Help!


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You could contact Sales and/or try the freelancing category

Just wanted to check and see if any progress was put towards this, I think it would a good addition too.

this would be super awesome. super. and awesome!

This would actually fill a real gap for many organisations, both for internal approval processes and also for external clients.

The best open source app I could find so far is this:

But a Nextcloud app with PDF support would be clearly superior.

My organisation would be interested in contributing to funding this, as it would save us at least 300 euros per year, probably a lot more in the future.

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I put something up in the freelancing section to get quotes here:

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I have decided to build electronic signature plugin for NextCloud. Before that I want to understand a bit more of how it will be used so it will be most useful for users. Anyone still interested in Nextcloud plugin for electronic signatures? Lets talk and you will have the solution. You can find my contacts from eideasy.com site.

Hello Margus,
we URGENTLY need a digital signature system to enable signing of student registration forms for 1000s of students who are applying for bursaries. We also need the students to be able to upload their profile photos and photos of their identity documents as part of the bursary application process. Have you started developing your digital signature plugin for NextCloud? Hope so! We’d be willing to pay 50c (Euro Cents) per student, when they complete the document, for using this functionality. But we’re planning to register about 5000 plus students online PER WEEK across Africa. So the volumes will make this definitely worthwhile!
Kind regards,
Reinhild Niebuhr
Managing Director
Econovix (Pty) Ltd

Hello Reinhild

In fact one company recently asked the plugin also and we have set the deadline of the NextCloud plugin to be completed by the end of April. How does that timeline work for you?

From price wise our pricing is 0.5EUR for low volumes. With your volumes we are able to offer even better pricing.

I am free tomorrow Thursday afternoon, you can send me calendar invite to margus.pala@eideasy.com so we can discuss your expectations in more detail.

Hi all!

We are now in the final stretches of development and releasing very soon.

Would anyone with a Nextcloud+Signing need be willing to have a short chat to learn more about the exact needs-workflow?
Please contact me here or at eideasy.com


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Be interested in talking about how we could use this as part of an app to integrate https://contr.ai with Nextcloud.