Electronic signature of PDF document?

Hi. We are using Nextcloud internally in our organization, but we still use external services like Scrive/Docusign/GetAccept/SignRequest etc for electronic signatures of PDF documents. Writing a Nextcloud app for this seem feasible to me. It should allow the user to draw in the PDF boxes where different users get an email and then should be able to “sign” by digitally writing a signature. I can allocate some funding to make this happen if someone wants to build it, any ideas on how to coordinate such an effort? Maybe others want to fund it too, in some crowdfunding way. Help!


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You could contact Sales and/or try the freelancing category

Just wanted to check and see if any progress was put towards this, I think it would a good addition too.

this would be super awesome. super. and awesome!

This would actually fill a real gap for many organisations, both for internal approval processes and also for external clients.

The best open source app I could find so far is this:

But a Nextcloud app with PDF support would be clearly superior.

My organisation would be interested in contributing to funding this, as it would save us at least 300 euros per year, probably a lot more in the future.

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I put something up in the freelancing section to get quotes here: