Electronic Signature App

My own, and other organisations are interested in an electronic signature app for nextcloud. See for example:

Note there is a difference between n Electronic Signature and a Digital Signature. A Digital Signature is a cryptographic signature, and Electronic Signature is less specific, but still fully legal in most industrial jurisdictions, method of electronically signing documents, where the main requirements are that there is some verification of identity, e.g. via an email, and a recording of intent to sign.

An electronic signature or e-signature, is a legal way to get consent or approval on electronic documents or forms. One of the most relied upon definitions of an electronic signature is “an electronic sound, symbol or process attached to or logically associated with a record…adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.” Electronic signatures can be used to replace handwritten signatures in virtually every personal or business process.

So what is required for such an app is the following:

  1. Select/upload a document for signing (at least support pdf documents)
  2. Select the places where it is to be signed (e.g. by drawing a box overlay on the pdf)
  3. Select places where some other information can be input, e.g. at a minimum text input and dates, so signer can input, e.g. their name, address, job title in appropriate places
  4. Allow the places to be signed or details to be input to be assigned to an email address/user
  5. Send document out for signing to the email addresses
  6. Recipients can open document to be signed and complete information and upload signature to go in signature box, but only in the places assigned to them in step 4
  7. Once a signature and other data has been entered, recipients click some button to indicate they have completed signing and signal legal “intent-to-sign”
  8. When all recipients have signed, pdf of signed document is created and made available to all participants to download.

I’d be interested in getting quotes for such an app. I think it could be easily crowdfunded, such commercial services are quite expensive, at least 300 euros per year, and increasing with the number of users.


Any news on this? Would be great to have this available as an app.

I’m also fully in support of such app :slight_smile:
How could that topic move forward?

Would anyone else be able to contribute to the cost if we were to get a quote from Nextcloud GmbH to develop this, and we crowdfund it?

I am fully in support for this idea.

and happy to contribute to the cost

It’s also a real need for my company. It could be great if the place where to sign can be defined when producing the pdf. For a large amount of pdf, it’s exhausting to draw on each document.
I think I could provide a little fund for this functionality. I could also participate in the specification writing.

My company eID Easy is doing exactly that and so far for other platforms.
As was previously noted then there is difference between Digital and “just electronic” signature. We can do both.

  • Qualified electronic signature (digital signature) where user signs with its national eID card, USB token or similar. This is the highest level of electronic signatures. Costs 7-20 cents per signature.
  • PDF visual signature where user is drawing signature image to the PDF, where confirmation page is added with audit trail: IP-s, times and actions (Sent, opened, signed) and once everyone has signed then e-Seal is added that prevents document from further editing. We provide the e-Seal and can build the the visual signature and confirmation page creation as well. Costs 7-15 cents per document with your own company e-Seal. 20-30 cents per document if using eID Easy e-Seal.

If you are interested in having this NextCloud plugin built then please let us know. You can find contact email and phone from eideasy.com website.

Apparently Drupal webforms has something like that build in:

But this also looks interesting and could be maybe turned into an NC addon:

Nextcloud doesn’t develop specific features like that. If you have an enterprise subscription, they certainly will checkout the needs of their customers. Certainly if there are enough paying customers they will do it at some point, in doubt check out with them directly.

The other way is here that you find a developer (like @Margus_Pala) who is doing that for you. You agree with them to pay a certain amount for it, and then perhaps share the costs with others.