Digital Signature app

Hi everyone, I am new to Next cloud. I wanted to know that is there an app or plugin in Next cloud that can enable users to Digitally sign a PDF or Word document? The app should be for non-tec guys.

Thanks in advance, I would really appreciate the responses even if my question is repeated. I have read FAQs and I am still unable to get the answer since I am a newbie.


As far as I know there is no app for this. That said as the files are stored on disk as files I use a few command line tools directly on folders in nextcloud with cron.

You could set up incron to detect changes in a “signing” folder and run what you need to on the file. Would be a pain to scale and depends on what PDF tools you could find

Hi Arsalan,

Is there a specific use case you have the code signing app in demand for? We have a similar requirement and are trying to build it as an app for our use case by linking it to an eternal signing provider.


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Hi all!

We are actually building this functionality right now, about to be ready.

Would anyone with a Nextcloud + Signing need be willing to have a short chat to learn more about the exact needs-workflow?
Please contact me here or at