Documents not being saved when editing. Nextcloud 18 | Local Community document server plugin

I have nextcloud 18 installed with Community document server plugin ( app ) installed at the latest version.

When editing documents at the bottom it shows that the changes have been saved and updated. However when I exit a document the changes are not being saved when re-opening the document again.

Here is the document server url as pre-filled by the plugin (app)

Any tips ?

So far I can only confirm the same issue on Nextcloud 18.0.1 with Onlyoffice 5.4.2 in docker on ubuntu 16.04.
It looks like that the edited file doesn’t get replicated back to nextcloud. In my case I see the changes if I open the same file in Onlyoffice again, as Onlyoffice still has the temporary version of it.
But if I download the file out of nextcloud or copy it or get it via filesync the changes are lost.
I even can see the temporary data in the folders where Onlyoffice keeps it during editing. It just doesn’t get ever converted back into the original file. Which is a major issue, as it renders the whole office integration useless.
Are you also using the docker version?
And can you check if you still see the changes when opening the file with Onlyoffice in nextcloud again?

I am use the app version of document server …

Same problem with an installation directly on a webserver.
When I call the Link https://[nextcloud]/index.php/apps/documentserver_community/ I’m forwarded to the Files-Section in nextcloud.
What has to be changed to write the files from onlyoffice back to nextcloud?

Same issue running Nextcloud 18 in Docker.
I can edit the files with Excel, Word, etc and those changes are there when I open the documents through the web UI using OnlyOffice, but any changes made using OnlyOffice do not make it to the original files, almost looks like a caching issue.

I am experiencing this issue as well. Documents can be edited in OO, but not saved back to NC. When reopened in NC, I can see the changes, but if downloaded from NC I get un-edited version.

Debian Buster
Nextcloud 18.0.1
Onlyoffice connector app with documentserver docker

As mentioned in here: Onlyoffice & Versioning = Broken save feature?

Disabling the ‘Versions’ app fixes the document saving issue and documents are once again being written back to the server.

I have the same kind of problem. Files are only saved in the only office server (I can see modifications when opening files with only office, but not when downloading file). But closing tab, browser, and inactivating “Versions” doesn’t change anything.
However I’m pretty sure that Only Office can write files in NC because menu “save a copy” in only office does work and create a file with the changes.

Anyone has a solution ?

NC 18 (updated form 17, itself updated… installed manually NC12 on ubuntu desktop 16.08)

Disable the ‘Versions’ app in v18 or roll back/reinstall v17.

Disabling Versions doesn’t solve the problem.

This does not fix the issue.
You might want to check you cache.

Edit the file on one browser and then switch to a second browser and open the file again.

Didn’t even solve.

Then maybe you didn’t disable it right? It’s a conflict between OO & Versions.

Also, I posted two workarounds. If one isn’t working, do the other.

You mean rolling back to v17? Or is there another workaround?

Same Problem here (NC 18 and the community document server which comes with it).

First I thought that happens only at .odt files (not converted to the microsoft .docx format), but same happens to .docx files.

Need to deactivate Onlyoffice again to continue working with Collabora (when Onlyoffice is activated then it is the default editor - very dangerous when then all users but the admin “edit changes for nirvana”).

Can you give me some hints how you integrated Collabora?
I’m using the official docker version of NC18.
Do you have installed collabora as docker container as well? Any hint to a good How-to?
That would be very appreciated.

This issue is indeed killing the use of onlyoffice for the time being. Additionally it is concerning me that the topic looks a bit abandoned here, even that many user seeing symptoms of the same root cause. (like download/syncing of empty files etc.)

The same topic is also discussed on github, but with no solution yet:

My version of the Community Document Server is meanwhile 0.1.5, but the problem is still there.

I installed Collabora as Docker container, yes (and you need to setup a subdomain like for it).
Actually I would like to get rid of it as soon as an integrated solution works well.

I don’t have s link to a how-to, sorry. but the docker part is quite easy - just the need of an extra subdomain is a bit a pain (but works even with dyndns once it is set up)

I disabled file_versions and it seems to be working… I will do more testing soon.

I am currently on vacation and don’t have the best connection atm.

sudo -u www-data php occ app:disable file_versions

It seems to me that this is happening when an editing session hasn’t got closed properly in OnlyOffice (OO)/Community Document Server (CDS).

I think this might be happening when the same user opens the document twice (in different tabs or windows or browsers) - you can reliably repeat the effect by doing that.

If you look in the database you will see that the entries in the xxx_sess table (oc_documentserver_sess in the Nextcloud database if you are using CDS or the corresponding table in the OnlyOffice db if you are using OO) still has two (or more) entries for the document after the users have logged out.

This means that the changes, which only get written to the database, not to the file, made while editing are still in the oc_documentserver_changes table.

So if you reopen the file using CDS/OO all will appear normal as the changes from the db will be loaded, but if you download the file you will not get the most recent changes - in the case of a new file this might mean that the file appears empty.

It is unclear to me how you can force OO/CDS to write its changes back to the file and clear the session and the changes table. It seems to happen by magic periodically. Perhaps someone with proper knowledge can explain what is going on.

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Opening a single document, in a single tab is enough to demonstrate the error, at least when I tested it. Doesn’t matter if it’s an existing document or a new one. The changes do not get replicated back to the server as long as versions is active.

Given that the document constantly autosaves, I’m not sure what you mean by properly closing an editing session?

Tried it with autosave turned off and collaboration set to strict rather than fast and manually saving. Same effect.
Even with fast collaboration and autosave I would expect the user session to be cleared once she closes the editor pane (or soon after). Clicking the (x) in the header row is not clearing the session recorded in the db, even logging out of NC is not immediately clearing it, and if you then log back in after a slight delay with the same username a fresh session gets created with a suffix “_2” on the username, so now there are two sessions in the db against one username.
Confused? You will be, and so apparently is OO?