Onlyoffice & Versioning = Broken save feature?

Wondering if there is a workaround other than disabling versioning or if there is an upcoming fix.

Steps to reproduce.

Turn versioning on, create a new spreadsheet and notice that it doesn’t save.
Turn off versioning, create a new spreadsheet and notice that it does save.

Onlyoffice discussions on the topic blame the Versioning app, and their mentioned workaround of disabling versions leaves the end user wanting.

Hello el duderino / his dudeness :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, but even disabling the app “versions” does not solve the problem.
Are you running NC and OO in docker?

Could you link these Onlyoffice discussions here, thank you.



I am also facing the problem with spreadsheet.
Disabling the “version” app does not help.
But only spreadsheet is broken. For word and powerpoint, changes are saved.

I install both nextcloud and onlyoffice with snap.

In my installation word is broken too. Disabling Versions didn’t solve the problem - not for new documents an also not for existing documents.