Documentation Request / LAN Connectivity Question

I am new to NextCloud server and I must say the documentation is much better than owncloud and many other open-sources projects. That said, after I successfully installed Nextcloud 20.0.5 on my local machine running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS everything seems to be working flawlessly, then I went to connect my Android mobile phone… only to discover that the server can’t be found on the LAN.

No sweat… I went back to , expecting to find some official documentation explaining how to install NextCloud on a LAN basis as there is obviously a number of users interested in using Nextcloud for a company intranet or home network scenario (my scenario).

I surprising found NOTHING. I searched around on the web and can only find “piecemeal” questions & answers that may or may not fit my scenario. This seems like a big, glaring weakness in the otherwise wonderful Nextcloud installation documentation.

So my request, is this: Can some Nextcloud “guru” publish official documentation for making Nextcloud recognizable on LAN ? (with option to to make it accessible to outside web, as well)

In my case, I use nordvpn and their dns server / firewall on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with a tp-link router.

Following an official “overview” guide for LAN recognition would save hours on question and answer posts with “piecemeal solutions”.

If such documentation does exist, my apologies, please forward it.


I assume there is no general cause for such issues. Depending on your setup my first guess would be rebind protection (explained well accessing-nextcloud-externally-internally-through-domain) or ipv6 issues check host-unavailable-only-when-phone-in-wifi and nextcloud-at-home-with-ipv4-and-ipv6 - unfortunately in German. Both problems are not really related to Nextcloud and the solution is different depending on you local devices.

Please post more details if this references don’t help. If this helps feedback is appreciated as well.