Accessing NextCloud Externally/Internally through Domain

Hello all!

I have successfully installed NextCloud on Ubuntu 20.04 with Apache (LAMP Stack) using the following links below:

I can successfully access my next cloud installation using the local IP Address that Ubuntu Server is hosted on (192.168.X.X) but am unable to access the domain that I am trying to push it to ( internal or external to my network. When I try to access using the domain that I have set up, I get a “Potential DNS Rebind attack detected” within PFSense… I have tried following the below link to bypass this PFSense Message and access my NextCloud but when I do Bypass this message I am taken to my router’s (PFSense) login screen.

I guess some more background information that could be useful. I have purchased the domain through Namecheap and using a DNS A Record to point “cloud” to my External IP address of my network. I have also opened up ports 80 and 443 to the local address of my Ubuntu Server with Nextcloud on it. I have also verified config.php for my NextCloud as well as the nextcloud.conf file to make sure they include my domain (… At this point I feel I’m out of suggestions and anyone’s help would be extremely helpful!


You could either enable NAT Reflection on your pfSense or do a DNS Host Override in “Services -> DNS Resolver -> General Settings -> Add Host Override”. I would recommend the second one. That would look like this:

Hope that helps…

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