Describe content of a file (add description to file)

Is there an app available where I can describe the content of a file in a few sentences. So it is not about the already existing app with tags.
The file is not good for my purpose because it does not provide a description for each file.

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You could make a comment on the file, although this will open a Talk conversation for each one.

Thanks, but when I made a comment the same text appears on each file!

  • Comments are for this exact use case. You write a comment, which is visible from the details pane. Also see Let’s Talk about Comments thread because unfortunately comments have received very very little development over the years.
  • - the other option right now; edit and update the file as you go along to track progress of the files. Agreed that it is not ideal, plus the app hasn’t been receiving much maintenance so I’ve stopped trusting it. I do wish it was part of the core, official apps.
  • Talk - I’m not discussing Talk since I don’t feel a full featured chat applies in this usage.
  • Collectives - allows you to link files, but also not ideal since you are talking about this for personal usage as opposed to group.
  • Notes, but there is no clear way to link these back to the files you are discussing… now you end up with more files in different places unless you go back to using which will not be available in notes…

What do you think of these available options? Not ideal, but these are the choices.