[solved] File description

I have succesfully (almost) finish an app to store some links, which was “easy” for starters.

Although, is there an option, to add a description field, to files uploaded? Comments will not do, this is not a solution.

Furthermore, this would have inpact on the search as well, and I was thinking is there an option, to xtend the search form. Even as a separate page. I would need it to include searching by keyword and filetype, date range, in given folder etc.

Does anyone have an idea how to approach this?

Also, is there a way to link directly to a filtered tag? Like a tag cloud where you click on tag and see files tagged with it?

So once more to be precise:

  1. File description.
  2. Extended/advanced search.

I am open to hints on how to achieve this, and am willing to write an app or anything myself, just can’t wrap my head around it to figure out where to start with this. Seems more complex than a basic notes app :wink:

Removed third point - tag cloud. Made it.

Thanks, but I already read that. As you can see there is no actual solution for what I am asking, specially that I mentioned that comments are not a valid option. What is more, the description field would probably be also a part of the search criteria if added and this has an impact on the search functionality as for now you need to use precise order of characters (or words) to find what you need. For example searching for “coconut pdf” won’t work. Same pattern would apply to the description. Think about searching ALL the comments within the search results because they are used as a “description” field. This is not an acceptable answer.

What if later I want to add the comments? Can’t as they serve as description.

This topic can be closed. I have coded my own apps for all this requirements so no help more is needed.
Thanks for your time!

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Hi, this is exactly what i’m looking for. Would you share your app?


Hi, can you share your app? Thanks