Customize standard mail notifications

Can I customize the standard mails that is send when, I add a new account, or any mail notifications?

Hi Anneke,
as far as I know, you can change the mail templates under ->admin ->additional settings -> Mail templates …
Hope it helps. soyo

Thanks for your reply.
I can’t find those settings. Do I need an app for that, maybe?

Hi Anneke,
I’ve activated the ‘Mail template editor’ add on …
Regards soyo

where can I find that? I searched in the app store of nextcloud, but couldn’t find it.

Hi Anneke,
which version of NC do you have?
I stepped up from 9 to 10 to 11 … and in each version this app was available in my installation …
But you are right … neither in the Nextcloud apps nor in the Owncloud apps I can find this app …
Well … I don’t know, why the app isn’t available any more … anyway, it is activated and it is signed as Official.
Perhaps I can send it to you per PM. … So long soyo

I have version 12.0 of NextCloud. If you can send me it, it would be geat!

Hi Anneke,
Try this:
Download the *.zip-file, unzip it and copy to your Nextcloud app folder … It’s a try …
no guarantee … but hope, it works. soyo

I’ve uploaded it in the apps folder. I can see it, but can’t activate it.

Did you set the correct rights?

I only uploaded the files. Didn’t change any rights.

on which OS your NC is installed?


Linux or Windows or other?
Do you have admin rights?

I can go to admin in right top menu.
Then I these menu options:

  • Basic settings;
  • Monitoring;
  • Sharing;
  • Security;
  • Theming;
  • Encryption;
  • Workflow;
  • Collabora Online;
  • Usage servey;
  • Logging;
  • Additional settings;
  • Tips & tricks.

Security: If possible, make th folder of the app usable for web-user (www-data …) or what ever your web user is named.

A printscreen of security

Do you have a FTP access to your site? If yes, you would be able to set the right via FTP to this folder.

I can see files/folders in cpanel.
Which rights do the files and folders need?

This can make it impossible for version 12:

The rights should be 775 to the app folder inclusive subfolders an files, as far as I know