Connecting to nextcloud from outside the network with DNS cloudflare

Hello! I’m trying to connect to nextcloud from outside the network and I can’t. I set up port forwarding and created a subdomain in cloudflare. From the local network I can enter, but when I try to enter from the phone from cellular data it just loads and nothing appears.

I used this documentation to configure:
How to access from outside your network - NextcloudPi Documentation - Nextcloud community

Screenshot with nextcloud from the local network (connection with dns):

Screenshot with nextcloud from outside the network (connection with dns):

And then it says that it could not load, then it loads again and so on

Do you have any idea what to do?

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If you may notice, in tha tutorial you have given, there are two basic configuration methods

  1. Public IP
  2. CG-NAT

So first is to verify if your ISP is giving you Public IP or CG-NAT

DDNS or CloudF Flare may not work with CG-NAT based IP

So first check and verify that your router / modem is connecting to your ISP with Public IP in WAN.


Thank you for the answer.
I understand this, but it is strange that I can access nextcloud on the subdomain cloud.xxxxx.xx and from outside the network it just loads and nothing appears on cloud.xxxxx.xx.

There are many, many possible causes for this, and it’s not possible to diagnose without more information.

If you run from your server:

nslookup cloud.xxxxx.xx

Do both show the same IP address?

Hello! Thanks for the answer, but apparently they are not the same addresses. After using the nslookup command cloud.xxxxx.xx appears in the server and router ip address, and in “Non-authoritative answer:” the name cloud.xxxxx.xx and the nextcloud server ip address

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