Collabora laggy only on Firefox, not Chrome

Hi friends,

I use Collabora on Nextcloud as a replacement for Google Docs, deployed via GitHub - nextcloud/all-in-one: Nextcloud AIO stands for Nextcloud All In One and provides easy deployment and maintenance with most features included in this one Nextcloud instance.. It works great!

However, I recently switched from Google Chrome to Firefox, and suddenly Collabora has become hugely slower. It’s not a server-side issue or a load problem on my computer, because when I switch between viewing the same document on the same computer in Chrome versus Firefox, Collabora is way more responsive in Chrome. I see the same behavior on both Linux (Pop!_OS) and macOS.

I can see the issue with both the ODT editor (docs) as well as the ODS editor (spreadsheets), but it is by far more pronounced with spreadsheets. I have taken a screen recording to demonstrate the issue. The difference in responsiveness is most obvious with the effective framerate I get when scrolling. Compare Firefox on the left with Chrome on the right.

Screen recording: Nextcloud

I found a previous forum post about Collabora performance, I am not sure if it is the same issue though, as there is no reference to browser choice being relevant: Collabora & NC19 - Slow Performance

Anyone seen this before? Is there any workaround or configuration change I can make to improve Firefox support?

Happy to provide any relevant diagnostic information or do debugging on my end. In case this issue has never been seen before, I can also create a publicly editable spreadsheet on my instance so that you can see for yourself.

some time ago there was a (German) post regarding slow scrolling in Calc with FF.

I’m using FF all the time and I don’t feel editing is slow somehow in my system (official Docker image with separate CODE). Starting the docs takes few seconds but once it’s running editing feels fluid, I would say comparable to native apps… In my system I didn’t compare FF and Chrome - maybe there is huge difference if I would.

Do you see same issue at if yes then the problem is likely related to FF if not to your install.

Hello raxod, hello wwe,

I am the author of the german post! :hugs:
I did not got any solution for my/our problem, it’s aggravating. In the meantime I startet to edit Spreadsheets in Chrome, so I use now two browsers simultaneously :roll_eyes:

By the way, I tried to edit a Spredsheed-File from the link wwe posted - exactly the same issue. Seems to be a native FF-Issue.

Greetings, virgul.

I’ve noticed this on mine as well running AIO. Scrolling in particular is very slow in Firefox. It’s notably faster in Edge. But I still use it in Firefox because I’m stubborn.

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Maybe someone should open an issue in the collabora repository about this?

just to have some “numbers” - because slow could be different depending on what you expect. user running on RasPi likely have lower expectations than other with powerful Xeon server… I agree it must be bad sometimes if multiple users report this… but for me it doesn’t look like general issue… my system seems to run smooth enough.

metrics: official Docker Apache image 25.0.2 with separate CODE 22.05 container running on old Core i3 6xxx CPU and magnetic spinning drives

I created an ods sheet with few hundreds of lines and scrolled through it (using FF). see the video attached. This is definitely not a smooth as native app but for me it looks reasonable fast - isn’t it?

OneDrive link as I can’t share movies here :frowning:!AjLEy6F8kfCq6AWItGA6CqI981Hb?e=YPlfYg

PS: I’m willing to provide a test login on my dev instance if somebody willing to compare - drop me a PM…

Hm… What do we wanna proof here? I doubt that this is an AIO issue since it uses the official components and scrolling works in chromium based browsers. So why not open a bug report on collabora about this since some js library might be the culprit here?

Well… I was going to check it on my personal instance using official docker images to see if it’s the same way… but my Collabora seems to have stopped working. :confused:

Anyway, I don’t believe it’s an issue of resources because both of my instances are running on Dell PowerEdge servers with whatever resources they need.

It’s usable, but slow enough that it’s a bit annoying, especially since I live and breathe large spreadsheets that need a lot of scrolling. I tend to just use LibreOffice unless I’m working on something with a colleague.

Hi Szaimen,

I think it’s an Issue of FF, not NC, Collabora or Hardware.
I looked up the collabora-Issues on github and here come some results:

Think I keep using libreoffice or Chrome parallel to FF. So sad.

Greetings, virgul