Collabora editor fails to automatically load on newly created document

Good evening everyone,

I’m using Nextcloud (Hub 7 v28.0.3) on Unraid, from I also have Collabora-CODE installed, both are docker containers.
They are reverse-proxied via NGINX and have valid domain names.
In Nextcloud, I have Nextcloud Office installed and configured correctly (I believe)

When I create a new document, the editor does not open automatically as it used to. I just get a new file created that appears in the files list. Clicking on it after it’s created opens the editor and this works perfectly.
Is this the new behaviour of Nextcloud now? or is something broken?
I’d like it to open the editor immediately after the file is created.

I’ve scoured the forums for existing relevant topics and have found these:

from 2020

from 2020

from 2021

However, they are outdated and do not resolve my issue.

This issue has persisted for a many months now. I’m sorry I cannot exactly pinpoint the version where this started occurring.

Any insights or assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Is this not happening to anyone else? A friend of mine, also using unraid, is having the same problem. The Linuxserver group suggested I post my issues here. If you need any information (logs, ect) kindly let me know how to obtain them to address the issue.