Collabora issue - Can't edit newly created documents


I’ve installed a Collabora server, this is an external server running Debian with Collabora as Docker and nginx as reverse proxy for SSL.

Now when I go to Nextcloud, create e.g. a new spreadsheet and click on it nothing happens. Collabora doesn’t open. When I move away from the page, go to settings or something else then come back to files again, click on the same spreadsheet it suddenly works.

Any idea what could cause this? It’s not a major issue but it’s pretty annoying.

same problem here.

NC 20.0.6
latest Collabora CODE

Same here.
You can open the document by clicking with the middle mouse button (new tab).
Using templates for your documents doesn’t work at all.

Issue is here: Editor is not started on creation of a new document · Issue #1343 · nextcloud/richdocuments · GitHub