Collabora does not work in NC24: Groundhog Day?

I’m new to Nextcloud and installed successfully version 23 first, then the latest version 24. Both times I had the problem that Collobara does not work: Version NC24 at least makes an attempt to open a document in the browser and fails. Version 23 doesn’t even do that and the documents downloads immediately.

While researching here, I noticed: the forum is just bursting with problem messages regarding Collabora. Not only after upgrades, but also after new installations. Not only on managed servers, but also on own hardware. How can this be?

I actually expect that after an initial installation without error messages everything should work - more or less. But if already (after a successfull first setup !) something banal like opening a document in a browser doesn’t work, how does it look for demanding tasks?
When I read the posts in this forum, I almost have the impression: many are already afraid of the next upgrade!

As I said, I’m a newbie, but I don’t want to become a nerd. I can set up other services (such as WordPress) without problems, on external servers and on my own hardware. It is also usually no problem for me to successfully adapt config files. (However, I am often limited by the provider where I host the services: no access to config files).

But I am a little perplexed about my first experience with Nextcloud and my question relates to this: is it realistic to expect to successfully manage a Nextcloud in the long term with such ‘basic’ skills - and limited administration access?

I hope these are just first impressions of an "inexperienced newbie“. Thank you very much for your feedback

I have already posted the question in the German-speaking forum and hope not to violate the forum rules by posting again. But I didn’t get any feedback there and hope for success in the larger English-speaking community. Thanks a lot.

What are your server specs in ram, cpu, etc?
Which version of Collabora are you running? Same server?
How many users?

You’ll notice the #1 answer to every Collabora question is: your system does not meet the minimum requirements.

It could also be misconfiguration and for that we’d need you to fill out the support template.
Hi @majao,
You are missing the required support template. Please fill this form out and edit into your post.

This will give us the technical info and logs needed to help you! Thanks.

Hello majao,

I understand you completely as a newbie. And already see one mistake you made. Upgrading to NC 24 while you have issues with NC 23.

A problem in NC 23 is not solved by upgrading to a beta version where there still working out that latest bugs.

Running and maintaining a webserver is not for the novice Why else would anyone hire ICT personal if it is all so easy they can do it there selfs.
Why is ICT personal well paid if it’s all so simple.

If you do not want to invest in knowledge and don’t want to be a nerd ( which I guess you are if you have Computer skills ) Then why come here for answers.

There are so many problems because everyone wants a piece of free cake but many don’t know how to taste its fine taste.

So many errors arise from people that know nothing and think they know everything. I have spend over 30 years behind a pc working and growing with the community and even I don’t know everything. but atleast I know how to search the internet.

Many problems here are not even NC related but mostly apache or php or even permissions settings. that last one should not even be here. If you can’t set permissions or don’t know what they are you should not be here. ( imho )

Never the less NC allows you as we are a open community and are willing to help everyone. That is the whole reason there are so many noob questions.

If people would just first read and then do instead of do something and halfway they *$@# up say hey it’s not working what a piece of junk.

then come here to fix there mess ( which is in no way default anymore because they (noobs) just did something )

People want the bleeding edge software and buy crap hardware like synology/RPI which isn’t a real server and expect it to work like a 10000 dollar super computer that thinks on it’s own.

I run a normal Desktop intel i5 4.2Ghz, 8 Gb Ram, 10Tb space and 10 years old. And have no issues accessing files, alter configs, set permissions. because it’s a normal OS not one created by some company that want’s to lock users out of the OS and give minimal access.

is it realistic to expect to successfully manage a Nextcloud in the long term with such ‘basic’ skills - and limited administration access?

No it’s not but we are here to help so give it a try.

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Hi @majao,
You are missing the required support template. Please fill this form out and edit into your post.

Also clarify which version of Collabora you are running.

This will give us the technical info and logs needed to help you! Thanks.

something banal is really complex process involving multiple completely different software packages - maybe the most complicated within Nextcloud… very basic drawing of the required is here this might be a reason why this integration is really demanding and resulting in many forum posts. My Collabora works fine with NC24 (as it did with NC23). It was not always the case but following the forum and reacting to new issues I’m running it without many issues since NC19 (~2 years now)…

Double posts are not welcome. you should at least link the posts so helpers could follow both discussions. In general your chances for help are much higher with english post.

You should provide as many details as possible: system config, logs etc. It’s impossible to help otherwise - and people are definitely reluctant to help you don’t spent time to collect this information.

Nextcloud is really complex piece of software utilizing different technologies each of them could fill a whole workday (if you do it in depth)… definitely you should extend your skills - better understanding of system administration, databases and web technologies helps you to fix and avoid problems with your installation… it’s not a must - there are people running Nextcloud for long time without such skills, but they have hard time once they hit an issue. If your are a newbie willing to learn you will find helping hand within the community, if your are looking for easy life and expect the system to work on it’s own - better look for managed Nextcloud…