Cloud Gallery - Nextcloud photos on Android

Hello community,
I’m happy to join this forum.
I want to announce that i’ve developed an android app to browse images on nextcloud account and share them easily. It works on Gallery api so it’s more efficient and fast than webdav solutions. The app is released at the moment on the play store in beta version:

I’m planning to release it open source on github.
If someone want to test it and collaborate on the project please let me know.



thanks for the app, is it possible to display it in a language most people speak?

Agreed, installed but I was too distracted this morning to translate the various inputs it’s requesting :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: I’ve fixed some translation.
The new version (0.4 beta) is ready to be published on the store.

The project is now public on github:


Awesome work @damikael!

@MorrisJobke @damikael any chance we can integrate this with our transifex(-bot) for translations :slight_smile: Just in case this would be something we can do and also something you’d like to have @damikael :slight_smile:

Thanks Andy! I’m happy you like it :slight_smile:
Sure it’s a good idea integration with transifex! Write me on github :slight_smile:

I’ve published latest version, but there was a build error and now the app doesn’t works… I hope to solve this asap. Stay tuned

i set it up with the Images Folder as standard and it just displays:

thats a bit empty. Thats the not working-part?

@damikael created an issue on Github :slight_smile:

The error is only with version 0.4. In your case it should work. Can you try to logout (icon on top right) and relogin without setting main folder. Maybe the value configured for main folder is wrong. It must be same as folder name you want as root (case sensitive). Let me know

@Andy thanks, see you on github :wink:

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I did relogin, its the same, no pictures, the odd thing aside of the window mode is that I am using a dedicated App-Password because i am using TOTP with that account.

@dev0 I’m sorry, TOTP is not yet supported. I’ll create an issue for this enhancement

The dedicated App-Password should bypass TOTP as fas as I know? But can be there any additional quirks?

If you can @damikael adding logging to the app will help us to help you. Those logs can then be put in an issue on GH :+1:

@dev0 I confirm you that with dedicated device password the app works good.

unfortunately not for me.

@JasonBayton if the app crashes, infos about exception are printed on the screen and can be copied, otherwise the app doesn’t log anything on the device… It could write a log file on the device into app folder but then the user have to browse to that file. Can you think this solution can be suitable (only now for debugging beta version) ?

@dev0 please open an issue on github and we could follow it there. Thanks

Indeed I believe the Nextcloud app does the same.

@damikael I added: