Cloud Gallery - Nextcloud photos on Android

Hello Damikael,
I downloaded your app but it does not work!. :sob: Do you know the way to see own photos in smarthphone without download each photo filling up your storage.
Thank you!

Hi @tito,

the right way is Cloud Gallery :slight_smile:
let me know why it does not work for you and we’ll solve together. Remember that the app is in beta version yet but we hope to release stable version soon. In the next beta version you’ll can send log so we can look better for any errors.
You can open an issue on github, or, if you prefer contact me on info (at)

As mentioned on github the gallery works and aside the other feedback, there is one another on tablets.
The previews looks good on a phone but not on tablets:

I suggest, you add more images per line if the window is bigger.

Opened issue:

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A new version (0.9) optimized for tablet is available to download.
Please let me know if the previews looks good now.

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I retested it and it kind of works. so its checking the resolution of the entire screen not the window itself how much columns to be used:

But as my setup is very uncommon and specific, I think that will still do it for 98% of the people.

But is there possible to add a delete button and a possibility to swipe to the next picture if I have the picture open?

One additional thing which might be a Problem, if it needs to render much pictures the performance is very low:

The tablet has a TegraX CPU (as in the Switch) and 3 Gig RAM

Hi dev0,
Cloud Gallery is thinked to be used mainly on smartphones so the number of columns are calculated based on the main screen dimensions. I’ll check if it’s possible to calculate it for window.
About a delete button, it’s not a priority feature for now. Instead, swipe between images is a planned enhancement for future versions.
The performances, unfortunately, depends on Nextcloud Gallery app API and if images are not yet indexed on server it can take in effect more time…
Is it slow on folders loading or on images loading?

The UI is slow by itself, if I try to open a image the UI stalls completely causing that warning message.
The app itself slows down as more images are displayed
If I resize the window it hangs for about a minute until I can continue using it.

Probably there are too much collumns in that case :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll try to trace and debug this.
Thanks for your test

Hi folks,
I’m happy to see this android app uniquely for gallery. I’m happy to help out and make it better any way possible, but…
Given it’s beta state, Are there any special considerations or quirks for logging in with the app?
Right now everything I try returns “Error connecting. Please check parameters”.
It returns the message really fast, as if it’s not even trying to connect.
I’m running android 7.0 on Galaxy S7.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @Timweb,
thanks for testing the Cloud Gallery. There’s no special considerations for logging in.
Please check that server address, username and password are correct. Note that server address must be in https.
If you have some issues or you need other support you can write us at helpdesk at


How well does the app handle self-signed certificates? That is the only thing I can think of that might stop me from logging in.

I am currently using a self-signed certificate, so if I login via the browser, I get the message “the site might not be properly secured, add a certficate exception, continue”. This invalid cert does not seem to bother the NextCloud Android App, but I’m wondering if Cloud Gallery App is more picky and does not allow invalid certificates.

I tested with a demo environment on the web and had no issues, so it is something specific to my NextCloud<=>Cloud Gallery. (New fresh install a week ago.)


A valid certificate is required to connect and the app allow only secure connections.
Next versions will be less strict (Ref.

@Timweb latest version (Android 1.0) accept now http connection too.

the app works fine for me with pictures. Would it be possible to add video support too? Then it could replace Google Photos with Nextcloud :wink:

Hello @powerfox, thanks for your feedback, we glad you like Cloud Gallery.

At the moment the app is based on Nextcloud Gallery that can not handle videos but we are working on a new versione and we’ll take care of this as feature enhancement.


Hello, is it possible to have it in APK form for the non-google people?
or better on Fdroid.

Thanks and great work!


Is this still maintained in some form? I would love to use this on an Android TV but can’t find it in the play store. Maybe it needs to be marked as compatible with Android TV?