What helpful apps or features of Nextcloud have you discovered?

This is a PRAISE thread that can help other users + admins improve their experience. Missing features and apps should be added here.

  • CalDAV integration for Nextcloud Calendars and Tasks works beautifully when adding iOS calendar events and or checking off Reminders.

Integration with onlyoffice is quite easy and awesome.
Also like the possibility to install apps directly from nextcloud instance

CloudGallery for Android allows you to browse Nextcloud Photo galleries without downloading them. It is open source on Github and here is a discussion thread.

“android app to browse images on nextcloud account and share them easily. It works on Gallery api so it’s more efficient and fast than webdav solutions. The app is released at the moment on the play store in beta version”

I liked how in NC 14, I could use/upload my own favicon. I couldn’t do this in NC 13 (and both NC 14 and 13 were installed from snaps, in my case).

Another favorite: how Gnome Nautilus and Linux Mint’s Nemo file browsers can mount WebDAV file shares, allowing easy file management directly in a Nextcloud account (not done through the Web Browser). This is fantastic when you want to upload entire folders with many sub-folders and files, deeply nested.

In order to do it in Linux Mint 19’s Nemo, first you’ll need to install the software package “davfs2”. Then start Nemo, and under the “File” menu -> “Connect to Server…”, you can connect to a Nextcloud server like this:

Note: for the Server name, no “https://” is specified at the start.

Tip: Once you successfully mount the WebDAV share, right click it on the left (under the “Network” section), then choose “Add Bookmark”, so you can re-mount it again later, easily.

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Breeze Dark theme is excellent!