Call for testing: Nextcloud 13.0.0 RC4

Edit4: There is now an RC4 - find the changelog in
Edit3: There is now an RC3 - find the changelog in
Edit2: There is now an RC2 - find the changelog in
Edit1: There is now an RC1 - find the changelog in

Hi there,

in the past weeks we prepared the Nextcloud 13.0.0 release with multiple betas. Today we are releasing the last planned beta for 13.0.0 before we release RC1. We ask you to give it a good try and report back issues to us in our bug tracker:

You can find the release archives (and check sums) in the prerelease folder on our download server: (see for tar.bz2 and other files)

As always: have a backup available if something goes wrong.

We will bring the beta channel of the updater server also live to server the beta 4 within the next hour.

Happy testing and have a nice weekend


Is there change log for this beta 4?
What changed since beta 3?

Yes there is a changelog for those two:

Beta 4:
Beta 3:


Also see the general announcement for NC 13:

As a new feature, there is E2E (end to end encryption):

Can the developers comment on the status of the clients and possibilities to test this? @tobiasKaminsky @rullzer @ios

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On Android we will release this weekend / start of next week a RC1, available both on F-Droid and Google Play (register here for beta program:


Install on Prod with > 500 User = Instant Win - 2 * T-Shirt ? :smiley:

ldap integration for snappy is not included, I see.
Hav eyou any plan about it?
Best Regards

For iOS available on TestFlight : register here for beta testing :


Well, if it is a paying customer, absolutely, after all - that is what helps us pay the bills of the people who wrote this :smiley:

Gave 13.0.0beta4 a test run on RaspberryPi using Nacho’s nextcloudpi-config and nc-nextcloud, all 11 and 12 versions install nicely. v13.0.0beta4 showing "some files not passed the integrity check"
Full report here

Hi @OliverV what is the content of .user.ini or did you changed it compared to (then this message is expected).

I see, that explains it:

pi@nextcloudpi:~ $ sudo cat /var/www/nextcloud/.user.ini

Replacing it with source .user.ini resolved it! Anything you want tested?
Added the local (test) account to android 2.0.0 and Linux desktop v2.3.3. apps
Enabled external storage for a mounted USBdrive.
All works fine and as expected on pi3

Any change will trigger this. With Nextcloud 13 this should also mostly not needed anymore, because all apps and also the web UI support chunking. Only real 3rdparty webdav clients would profit from this, because they don’t support Nextcloud’s chunking.


yes, NCP can perform changes to .user.ini ( like max_execution_time and the like ).

care to explain what chunking is?

if there’s integrity tests we will have to move those settings somewhere else, like in /etc/, but I like the modularity of using .user.ini

Hoping to know when will support backblaze (b2) externalstorage?

Installed without problems on raspberry pi. Everything is working so far :slight_smile:

By the way: You might change the year of the release dates for Nextcloud 13 from 17 to 18 on :wink:

Thanks - was just updated minutes ago :slight_smile:

B2 external storage is not on our road map, but it can be implemented as an app that brings this, like the files_external_dropbox app does this for Dropbox for example:

Hi there,

is migrating from owncloud supported? If yes, what owncloud versions are compatible? I currently run 10.0.4. When running the updater from nextcloud 13.0.0 beta4 I get:

Exception: Updates between multiple major versions and downgrades are unsupported.
Update failed

Thanks for any update on this.