Awesome List of Nextcloud Related Projects

Please help edit this wiki page into an Awesome list of Nextcloud related projects. This is to help locate and share 3rd party applications which include support for Nextcloud or can be used with open standards: WebDAV, CalDAV, CarDAV. We can add sections as this expands. See the original awesome selfhosted list or this example Gitea uses for inspiration.

  • Example App - Brief text description of what it is. Please include a hyperlink where people can learn more. :+1:
  • Super Productivity - Task management with support for Calendars, Deck Tasks, Git, and file storage. Also mentioned on our forum. Available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, WebApp. Open Source on Github.
  • KeePass - Password Management in a portable database you can share between devices. Many front ends available.
    • KeepassXC - active community desktop and terminal application for Windows, MacOS, Linux. Also as browser extension. Open Source on Github.
    • Keepassium - iOS open source app.
    • Keepass2android - Android open source app
  • Thunderbird - Classic Mozilla desktop app for Mail. Calendar, Contacts and Tasks support. FileLink support for attaching and sharing files form your cloud. Windows, MacOS, Linux.
  • Deck iOS app
  • NextNews iOS app - RSS client
  • Davx5 Android app - Sync your contacts, calendars and tasks on Android. CalDAV/CardDAV solution for Android.
  • Gnome Online Accounts - Sync your files, contacts, calendars, tasks and Documents on Linux. Installed by default on Linux (Also available on KDE).