Automatic closure of threads?

dear forumists,

as nextcloud is getting older our forum grows older as well… which is all nice and such… but on the other hand it happens that users who do search the forum (yay! there are many using the search-function) would post their apparent similar issues under very old threads without taking into consideration that old issues would maybe belong to old nc-versions and might be solved with a newer one, already which would mean: even similar looking error messages wouldn’t have the same origin.
plus i think reopening an old thread isn’t any useful (in most cases)… it would be better to link the old link into a new thread.

so why don’t we just close older threads after a certain time automatically… like after 3 months without any new entry to it? maybe it would help to keep the wildgrowing forum tamed. at least for a bit.

looking forward to your comments, ideas, critique and such…

Probably not bad to find some strategy, we could close all tagged issues for non-supported NC versions that are older than x days. Also solved issues after x days. A few times it was helpful to pick up an old thread but it most cases it isn’t and you can still link to these issue and mention people.

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