New categories?

Good morning everybody :slight_smile:

I was taking a look at the posts in the “uncategorized” category and couldn’t help but thinking that this forum could do with a few more categories such as
“apps” for posts relating to featured apps as well as “3rd party apps” and
“other” for posts completely unrelated to NC/OC matters

Taking @rakekniven 's post into account:

the trick will be not to clutter the forum with categories and tatter it at the same time :wink:

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It looks like we have plenty of new categories in the forum now. Since it has been more than four years since the post and any discussion here probably needs a refocus to keep this topic viable, I would like to somehow expand the scope of this topic but not to prod users from crossposting, what are your thoughts, @John?

@rhua necro’ing some seriously old posts.

I’ve also been thinking about this. The most flexible option, which is more convenient than adding categories is to use tags. Trust me, Discourse offers a number of cool ways to use tags as opposed to the limit of max 2 depth categories.

The benefit of tags is we can apply them across potentially all/some categories, or group them together, or… lots of opportunities!

Already exists :bento: Features & apps

Can become a tag easily. Just start using it in such topics. If it catches on, it can be expanded.

What do you think?

As a user who was assigned by my employer to find common ground with the diverse needs of the community, I have been trained for decades by our organization to become exceedingly mindful in transmitting the results our pondering to those who share common interest. In addition, the boss acquiesced that my contributions here count towards my assigned duties for the time being since it could be part of the diplomatic skills assessment in my performance evaluation. So, with this in mind, and the fact that I review and update my previous posts on a regular basis, I have come to believe that it has become essential for me to propose needed changes to the forum itself and call attention to what I believe to be noteworthy issues in certain pieces of open-source software.

There are already several topics on the forum where the categorization and tagging of posts were discussed, e.g. Organizational structure of this forum, and News announcements This thread is dedicated to the discussion of the categories section as an evolving style manual, within the limitations of Discourse, the software running the forum. From my perspective, it has become indispensable for leading members of the forum to come to a consensus, within the coming year, on which apps should have their respective threads organized by categories and the appendage of tags to them. While many in the forum may suggest that I should mute certain categories in account preferences as a workaround, I must respectfully disagree in that it hinders my ability to become a thoughtful contributor by distorting my understanding of Nextcloud users’ inclinations.

With this in mind, and after consulting with my colleagues in Valencia and Te-gu, I recommend that we reclassify the subcategories section of the forum, with the list sorted by the number of topics in each subcategory, as follows:

  • Features & apps > Calendar ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > ONLYoffice ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > app ideas ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Contacts ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Mail ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Full text search ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Group folders ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Passwords ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Community Document Server ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Files Access Control ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Deck ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > two-factor ‒ subcategory with these tags:
    twofactor_utf | twofactor_totp | twofactor_webauthn | openotp | twofactor_yubikey
  • Features & apps > Bookmarks‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > unfamiliar tools - use the tags:
    files_external_sia, carnet, registration, forms, announcement_center, polls,
    flowup, transferdetails, tencent, autogroups, datareq, duplicate_finder, tfl, extract, global-site_selector,impersonate, filelink, nextbackup, ownbackup,
    piwik_matomo, scanner, spg, twain, weather, xray
  • Features & apps > audioplayer ‒ subcategory with these tags: SONOS, ID3
  • Features & apps > amMusic ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > iheartRadio ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > user_saml ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Integration ‒ subcategory with these tags:
    cms-pico, sociallogin, discourse, reddit, twitter, rocketchat, windows10, etc.
  • Features & apps > conniption ‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Tasks‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > ojsxc‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > circles‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Photos‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Maps‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Photos‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > phonetrack‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > rainloop‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > filelink‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > ocr‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Activity Log‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Photos‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Dashboards‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Passman‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > social‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > flowupload‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > fullnextsearch_elasticsearch‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > Files automated tagging‒ subcategory
  • Features & apps > files-retention‒ subcategory

TL;DR- Besides giving some users on this forum additional opportunities for pondering before writing a gruff response, the obfuscation of the listed categories shows that I don’t expect the Nextcloud community to heed to my every word (pun intended).

Hmm, actually I would stick closer to the advice in the older linked thread and focus on tags.


  • Tag
    • Tag Grouping

Notice how the setup I propose using what you mentioned requires only a single category and replaces sub-categories entirely with tags + tag groupings.

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Features & apps

  • Calendar
  • ONLYoffice
  • two-factor ‒ w/ required selection from Tag Group:*
    • twofactor_utf | twofactor_totp | twofactor_webauthn | openotp | twofactor_yubikey
  • Bookmarks
  • audioplayer ‒ w/ required selection from Tag Group:
    • SONOS, ID3
  • amMusic
  • iheartRadio
  • user_saml
  • Tasks
  • ojsxc
  • circles
  • Photos
  • Maps
  • Photos
  • phonetrack
  • rainloop
  • filelink
  • ocr
  • Activity Log
  • Photos
  • Dashboards
  • Passman
  • social
  • flowupload
  • fullnextsearch_elasticsearch
  • Files automated Tagging
  • files-retention

My .02 “Unfamiliar” could be “Tools” and “conniption” could be skipped entirely. If “Integration” were used, I’d mirror it again the layout on the appstore. Of course, there are many more categories to consider and it might well be unrealistic to adapt this model. But, I had fun whipping it up, haha. :wink: